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1 While the page is loading, a PLEASE WAIT message
Add those lines at the beginning of your page if there is a lot of pictures aso. While loading, a message will appear and will be hidden when the page will be fully loaded.
2 Domain Redirect
This is a basic redirection script based on the domain name. It is usefull if you are hosting multiple sites from one IP address.
3 No Refresh, No Backspace, No Right Click
To disable the RIGHT CLICK, the BACKSPACE (for navigation purposes), and the REFRESH.
4 Handy ASP stuff
This is a compilation of functions I use when working on ASP projects. There are functions to build HTML form elements (and whole forms), HTML tables, smart date drop down boxes, capitalization functi
5 Disk Space Usage
This code will tell you how much disk space on your server you are using
6 Select Case Example
Using IF-THEN can be cumbersome, prone to programmer errors and slower to execute. A more efficient construct is SELECT CASE. It is optimized for testing one variable against many conditions.
7 Easy Floater
This script is like my other floater script, but it is much easier to configure and understand. This code won't baffle you like many other floaters. Complete instructions included.
8 Remote Scripting Basics
Remote Scripting is a magical, infinitely powerful Javascript client library that allows: Javascript in an HTML or ASP page to call an ASP subroutine on the server to fetch data dynamic page construct


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