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1 Paging with Alternating Colors
Description : This script will take the results of a query and sets up number of records per page (set at 10 currently) and alternates the colors of each record and provides a link to get the next 10 results.
2 Form Maker
Description : This is an application that creates a form in HTML depending on user specs
3 HTML Upload Form Function
Description : Create HTML Form Upload
4 HTML Input Tag
Description : Creates HTML Input tag
5 HTML Close button
Description : Creates HTML / Javascript close button
6 Exit HTTPS
Description : exits a https page
7 ASP Form Maker
Description : Creates an HTML form given an ADO recordset. Uses different controls (textbox, checkbox, textarea) for different datatypes. Determines maxlength property based on datatype. Keeps some useful info in h
8 Table Builder
Description : Generate an HTML table of any ODBC database by passing the dsn entry and the name of the table. You can paste the code into an activex dll.
9 HTML Remover
Description : This code will replace a few HTML tags with known equiv.s and Remove all the others.
10 RowColor Change
Description : If you need a fast and simple cowcolor-changer, this is the shortest you will ever find! For advanced users: put it in your stylesheet
11 ASP/CSS Drop-down
Description : This code creates a CSS drop-down (small text/colours - whatever) that pulls values from a DB. It also validates the browser to check for CSS compatability. Can be nicely adapted for any site! This as
12 Yet another Table coloring
Description : This gives an alternating line color on tables, it also allows a realtime highlighting
13 Resize and move browser window after opening
Description : Resize and position the browser window
14 clsSortableTable.asp
Description : This is a VBScript class that will generate and write an HTML table filled by a RS. All you have to do is pass set its connection and SQL properties. The table will be pageable and sortable by clickin
15 ASP to static HTML for speed
Description : If you have a large amount of data to give to the user as HTML and this data needs to change once a day then this will speed up the process for the user. The following code will create a file the firs
16 Pagination Navigation
Description : Make seperate pages for returning recordsets that are large.
17 Safe Colors
Description : The script below demonstrates two things: how easy it is to mix Jscript and VBscript in the same file samples of web safe colors. These colors will appear the same on almost everybody's browser. Other
18 HTMLDecode Function
Description : The HTMLDecode function decodes an HTML encoded string back into the original html code.
19 URLDecode Function
Description : The URLDecode function decodes a URL encoded string back into the original text.
20 EasyASP Template Engine.
Description : The ultimate class if you want to seperate your ASP code from your HTML/XML/other data. Seperation of code will result in extremely neat and well-readable code. Once you get to know ASPTemplate
21 Maklumbalas




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