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Uploading with SA-FileUp


Description : SA-FileUp is an Active Server component that allows users with a web browser to transmit files from their local hard disk to a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) web server. Scripting the Upload Your file upload script(s) will consist of two parts: An HTML form on the client An instance of the SA-FileUp object on the server To try SA-FileUp, browse to select a small file on you system and hit Upload File.

<TITLE>uploadsimple.asp by softwareartisans.com</TITLE>
</HEAD><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="uploadsimplerespond.asp">
<TABLE WIDTH="100%">

<TD ALIGN="LEFT"><Input Type="SUBMIT" NAME="SUB1" VALUE="Upload File"></TD>
<B><I><SMALL>Note: If a button labeled "Browse..." does Not appear, Then your
browser does Not support File Upload. For Internet Explorer 3.02 users, a
free add-On Is available from Microsoft. If you <b>Do Not see a Browse... button</b>
<A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com/msdownload/ieplatform/iewin95/iewin95.asp" TARGET="_new">click here To go To Microsoft's Site and get your free file upload add-on</A>.
Select "Internet Explorer 3.02 File Upload Add-On for Windows 95 & NT".

The Form Definition
To enable file upload, include an Input tag of <Type="FILE"> In your HTML form.

When using a form To upload files, you must Set the following attributes:

The FORM tag must include the attribute ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data".
The <Input Type="FILE"> must include the NAME attribute.
The Server-side Processing
The responder To the form will look like this:

<TITLE>Uploadsimplerespond.asp by softwareartisans.com</TITLE>
Thank you For uploading your file.

<% Set upl = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp")
upl.Path = Server.MapPath ("/upload/tests")
upl.SaveAs "upload.tst"%><BR>
Total Bytes Written: <%=upl.TotalBytes%>

To process the upload On the server,

In the response page (In this Case, uploadsimplerespond.asp) create an instance of the SA-FileUp object.
<% Set upl = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp") %>
Save the file In a directory On the web server.
<% upl.SaveAs "C: empupload.out" %>
The TotalBytes Property contains the size In bytes of the uploaded file.

The directory On the web server must have Read, Write, And Delete NTFS permissions For the anonymous Or authenticated user. Otherwise, SA-FileUp will Not be able To Write files into that directory. Talk To your web master about setting the appropriate permissions.



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