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Displaying 13 Source Code(s)

1 Pagination Script in ASP
Description : The purpose of this function is to help create ASP applications with pagination--really easy. Parameters: --iNumPerPage: the number of items To display on Each page. --sURL:the page To link to.
2 Sort arrays
Description : Vbscript function that sorts an one-dimensional array of number either ascending or descending. This function sorts using the well known double for..next principle. Script gives an overview of passing
3 Join Two Arrays
  Description : Array Join (Join Two Arrays)
4 Array Count
Description : Array Count
5 Arrays to store data
Description : Assigning an array size with a variable produces a variable unless the Redim command is used. Method #1: You know the size Method #2: the size is in a variable
6 CombSort Function
  Description : The CombSort function sorts an array alphabetically (A - Z) or numerically (low to high). CombSort expects an array as input.
7 ExchangeSort Function
  Description : The ExchangeSort function sorts an array alphabetically (A - Z) or numerically (low to high). ExchangeSort expects an array as input
8 HasDups Function indicates if an array contains duplicate values
  Description : The HasDups function indicates if an array contains duplicate values. HasDups returns True if more than one array subscript value exactly matches another subscript value. HasDups returns False if the
9 RemDups Function - Remove Duplicate values from an array
  Description : RemDups removes duplicates from an array and returns a new array with no duplicates. Does not modify the existing array.
10 RevArray Function - Reverse the order of an array
  Description : The RevArray function reverses the order of an array. In other words, the upperbound value of an input array will become the lowerbound value and all other values will re-order themselves accordingly.
11 SelectionSort Function
  Description : The SelectionSort function sorts an array alphabetically (A - Z) or numerically (low to high). SelectionSort expects an array as input.
12 Random Array
  Description : Creates random array
13 Simple hangman-pascalsource
  Description : Not Specified



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