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Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 12 April 2007
Test Location : kiit university


Hi, i m manish kumar. Zensar visited our college campus on 12/04/2007 and i m lucky to get through it. the selection procedure consist of 4 rounds.

2.technical written
3.tech interview
4.hr interview

Written exam was not that tough. it is easy to clear if one is clear with basic things. the tech written in first round is a bit tough a btech person will definitely get nervouse.
Then in the second round only tech exam was conducted. it consisted of 20 question and 20 mins. it is also a bit tough for btech guy.
When the result was announced for this round i cant believe that i have cleared it. bcoz the test was real tough.
Then came the interview
Tech interview

Sir: which is the first computer?
Manish: i could not answer it. and say sorry.

Sir: how can u change the booting process?
Manish: by pressing f6.

Sir: what is the configuration of ur laptop?
Manish: answer it perfectly as i m a hardware specialist.

Sir :what is diff betwee c and c++?
Manish: defined it as good as possible. he was quite impressed i thnk.

Sir: what is exception handling?
Manish: answered it with an example. ofcourse in a paper.

Then he came to dbms
Sir: what is normalization? and types?
Manish: defined it very nicely as it was my fav subject. he was impressed by the way i answered. i gave all the types of normalization with examples.

Sir: what is indexing?
Manish: also answered it. but i did not know much abt it.

Sir: types of indexing?
Manish: sorry sir i dont know.

Sir: what is polymorphish?
Manish: described it by real life example. again he impressed and said very good.

At last he asked me do u have any question for me?

I asked two question abt company.
the interview lasted for 30 mins.
results were declared soon and i was thru.
HR interview taken by madam

Mam: have u taken ur lunch as the interview was after lunch?
Manish:i said no bcoz i was eagerly waiting for my interview and cant feel my hunger.

Mam:tell me abt urself?

Mam:how many members in ur family?

Mam:what r the good qualities ur frnd find in u?
Manish:i said hard working, loyalty, truthfulness

Mam:in which area u wud like to inprove urself?
Manish:i said i wud like to improve my comm skill.

Mam:what r u doing for that?
Manish:i impressed her by saying people do reading,mirror speaking etc but i improve mine by talking to people like u.

Mam:what r ur achievements?
Manish:told every achievements in life small or big.

then she asked 1 ques from my extra curricular activity. to describe a event in a competition.
while answering i used a hindi word and she laughed and i too.

which type of people do u like?
i said extrover
she said why
then a long discussin continues.

at last she gave me an essay to write on offshoring within 5 mins
this interviev was also for 30 mins.
at last she said wait for result. and i thank and came out.
And finally when the result was declared my name was there.



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