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Wipro InfoTech Placement Papers

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 20 January 2008
Test Location : IIT Kharagpur


The selection procedure had 3 rounds
1. Aptitude
2. Technical interview
3. HR interview

the paper had 3 parts
a) verbal (15 ques)
b) analytical (15 ques)
c) technical questions (20 ques)

all three sections were in a single paper, u can start with any of the sections u like, no negative marking, sectional cut off was there..

Verbal section: this section had questions like antonyms, synonyms, correct spelling of the word, direct to indirect speech, indirect to direct speech.., and one jumbled letter

Analytical: this section had some questions on quantitative aptitude from r.s aggarwal and also some questions from r.s aggarwal verbal & non-verbal.. this section is easy for me .., bcz i already practiced a lot .., The following are the some of the Questions i remember
1. this question on area of circle .., one horse is there if it is tied with a rope of 30m .., after some time it was tied with 45m rope then they asked Question on gazed area .(i don't remember the total Question ., answer is differences between areas)
2. two persons have breads 7 and 8 .., and a third person came.,, all three ate the breads equally.., the third person gave 3.00 Rs and said that share this money equally.., Question is what is the share of 7 breads person in that 3.00 Rs

Technical section: in this section they asked some Questions on C (pointers, arrays,..).they majorly focused on pointers . and some Questions on general technical apptitude related to computer science.

I selected in the written test ., they called for Technical Interview:

Technical Interview: in technical interview i am little bit Nervous .., but that interviewer given some water and said that don't be nervous .., then he asked many Questions on DBMS( normal forms) and project , C and function calling(i explained both call by value and call by reference(if U tell the advantage of this mechanism before interviewer asked .., it will be plus point to U)) and he asked write a function for creating linked list.(i explained him ,clearly the two ways for creating linkedlist). He totally impressed by this .., and he asked some Questions on OOPS(polymorphism) and finally he asked one Puzzle.., i answered that also (that is related to lateral thinking). then the interviewer told that Ur successfully cleared Techincal Round .., and given Hr form ..

HR Interview:
My HR was a lady, she was very cool and asked tell me about Urself .., Ur family Background and again some Questions on Polymorphism and why wipro ?(i told one story which i got from previous years news papers.., she impressed .., )and she ask what is job security and team facilitator(which i written in the Hr form).. , i explained ..,at the last some discussion on Bond ..,

this was my experience in WIPRO




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