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WIPRO-Placement Paper- 25 March 2006-Warangal

The Written test consisted of three sections
1) Verbal - 15 q's-Very easy, No need to go thru Barrons.
2) Analytical -15 q's- Easy too..Basics are enough.
3) Technical- 20 q's- on UNIX,CPP,OS,C,DBMS...
This was a bit tough for me as i was from EEE.
Remember, there is an individual cut-off in each section.

I made through the written and my Tech interview was at 7:00 pm..

The interviewer asked me questions on HTML,LINUX, Javascript,diff b/w windows and LINUX
etc,, as I have placed them in my resume...For non-IT students a knowledge of ur subjects and C&DS is
enough....No need to worry...It's cool...I mentioned cricket as my hobby....He asked me solve an arithmetic
to find avg of scores of a batsman...I suggest u to put only that skill set in which u r perfect.....Don't
try to make ur skill set large enough just for the sake of resume..

After the Tech Interview, I received a compliment that i was good at computer knowledge.

Then the HR...It was at about 9:00 pm..It was asked only four q's...Tell me abt urself,What r ur
strengths? ....Have u been in any association? DO u have any backlogs???....That's it....

I awaited the results which were anounced at abt. 10:45 pm...I was 2nd in the list..


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