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WIPRO-Placement Paper- 26 April 2006-Cochin

The pattern was as:
The written test consisted of 3 sections:
1. Verbal(15)
2. Aptitude(15) and
3. Technical(20).

With no negative marking but with sectional cut-off. Verbal was easy if u had gone through Barron, apti was little bit tough for me as I had never practiced for apti thinking that it is very easy but u should not commit my mistake, the technical comprises of questions from OS, C, DBMS, Hardwares concepts, Computer fundamental, softwares like Microsoft word and many other I don't remember but was easy. Around 2:00pm the same day results were announced, only 218 out of 600 could make it including me. Within an hour we were ready for the next round.

The next round was Technical interview, they asked the usual question like describe urself, then ur fav subject n then questions from ur fav subjects then their own technical questions and at last to explain ur project or sometimes to implement waterfall model to ur project. Those who were selected in this technical round were given 1 form to fill up there and to giv it to the placement cell for HR interview.

Around 100 students were selected in Technical Interview. After few hours HR interview started they asked all the same expected question like describe urself, why wipro, why should we take you, ur strength weakness achievements etc. the thing for all interview is that be confident and cool, don't be nervous, and stick to the topic what you hav been asked, if you don't know any answer straight way say "sorry I dont know" but never make blunder by giving wrong answers bcoz Wipro gives stress on all these things. Make ur eye contact with the interviewer and answer, if don't know the answer do wht I hav said with a smie but don't laugh.

At last the final result came in the night around 11:45pm and only 77 were selected in the final list so I was also there among 77.

My advice to all future aspirants is to never lose hope, you will get a good job. No one can snatch ur job from you, the thing u hav to do is go through ur study, don't get frustrated and leave studies. And always believe in GOD.

Thanks to all of you, who had made me to make it.



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