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I  am ANUPAM GHOSH(IT) from HERITAGE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ….I GOT SELECTED IN WIPRO. I am trying to give the situations & ques faced on the day of CAPMUS INTERVIEW…


APTITUDE PAPER: 50QUES..15(eng)..15(anlytical)..20(Technical)..

In eng section there was a paragraph..active to passive..make word from jumbled letters..synonyms ..

10 out of 15 sums in anlytical was easy...but rest 5 was really tricky...I was able to do 12 correctly..I think..

there are 5 ques. from C...3 ques from C++...4 ques from networking(i wasn't aware of the subject, so i have given the tick mark arbitarily..apply your common sense..i'd suggest..)..there was short 3-4 lines prog wriiten of deleting the head node of linklist..u have to tick the correct option..4 ques from OS>.




            int i=1;




what will the output ??

ANS:-- infinite loop..bcoz when i=32767.after that i++ means i=-32768...it will become 32768..so the result..

2.one tricky problem on structure..

3.ques on constructor of C++...

4...ques on file handing..(OS)

5..conversion of binary to decimal & decimal to binary(easy ones)



            int a[]={1,3,5,7};




7..problwm on while loop..there was a counter inside while loop..u have find out the last value of the counter..when while loop terminates..

8..if 15 pens costs Rs.90..then what will be the cost of 22pens??ANS--Rs132..

9.one problem on relations..

10.one problem on cumulative freq.

11.one tough ques on probability( i couldn't do that)

12.one easy ques on percentage...(just simple calculation)

13.one tough problem on area..

14.synonym of PRISTINE

15. a prog written where 37,63,88 is compared & prog determines the max number of the three....so the o/p--88


after clearing the APTITUDE,I got a call for TECHNICAL INTERVIEW...

it was really a tough session for me....

He asked about C & JAVA.... friends..not the common ques...

he asked to think from a user point of view who does know the programming part...asked me to name a software made of JAVA...I named WINDOWS XP...I have told him that JAVA is more secure than C...then he asked me...from which JAVA is developed... ans was C as C is the mother of all lang..then  he asked if JAVA is made from C & C itself a non-secure lang..then how JAVA can be more secure than C??? & asked me to answer from USER POINT OF VIEW...i have told abt JVM principles...but again he told me to analyze it from USER point of view....

so friends..he was just checking my patience....don't get angry with the ques...try ur level best..& keep a sweet smile on ur face...don't give an impression that u r unhappy with the ques...after that he asked me...button in the yahoo mail are generally developed using JAVA...why C is not used???? I said ..sorry sir..I don't know(with a smile)....then he gave me the ans...the ans is...in C it would require more lines to write the program for the button..whereas in JAVA it'd take 4-5 lines...


then he gave me 2 puzzles.....

1..u have a rope & a lighter...u know rope turns into ashes in an hour..how can u determine half an hour???

ANS: if rope is even, then bend the rope in such a way the two end points meet each other..then burn  any one side of the bend rope with the lighter...then it'd turn into ashes in 30mins...

then he asked to do the problem with uneven rope...i can't do that....(the answer is burn the both side of the full length rope..in 30mins..it’ll turn into ashes)


2. there are two types of villagers...one type always tells the truth & other type always tells lie. there is a path between those two villages. a stranger is walking along the path & meets a villager. the stranger does not know the type villager he met.but he wants to go the village whose villagers tells truth..he can ask a single ques..&with the   ..ans of the ques he can go to the desired village. what's the ques???

ANS:-- which type of villiager u are?? if the villager is from truth side..then he will say truth..& stranger will get his ans... if the villager is from the false side..then also he will tell i m from truth side...so stranger can easily reach the truth side....


INTERVIEWER was very happy with the answer.....& gave me the HR form & asked me to fill it & wait for the HR call...



it's hardly about 5 mins...

1.what's ur semester average till now???

2.Introduce urself..

3.what's ur JEE rank??

4.why JAVA is platform independent??

..he told me ALL THE BEST..& i said thnks...


I was very very HAPPY when I saw my name in the final list...

NO. of candidates in APTITUDE:--430(approx)( top 5 of each stream was directly called for TECHNICAL INTERVIEW)

NO. of candidates in TECHNICAL:309+30(top 5 of each stream)

I don't know how many had cleared the TECHNICAL INTERVIEW..

NO. of candidates ultimately SELECTED IN WIPRO:180.....






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