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Hi Friends,
 This is Samuel from Karunya University, Coimbatore. Am now currently doing my IInd yr MCA. WIPRO visited our campus on 17th March. The selection procedure was asusual, it consisted of
1. Aptitude Test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview

Aptitude Test (50 marks/1hour) :
Verbal - 15 marks
Analytical - 15 marks
Technical - 20 marks

Verbal part will be very easy for the people who are good in communication. I dint go through any book for verbal part. It consistd of a passage and 4 questions were asked from that passage. It will be easy only for those who good in grammar. Two or three fill in the blanks, Antonyms, Meaning of a phrase or an Idiom.. It will be easy only but for those who struggle,refer to GRE books..  The results were announced in the evening at 4'0 clock and by god's grace i got thru.. I had my technical interview only on the next day.

Technical Interview :
I had the interview at 10'o clock in the morning on sunday.. I was bit tensed but i projected myself to be confident and cool.. I was called in at 10:45.

Me: Good morning sir..
Int: Good morning , can i hav ur resume..
Me: I gav my resume and he was gng thru it.. 
Int: Tell me about urself
Me: I startd tellng all the things frm my schooling ,aftr few months he interruptd and went for the questions
Int: Wat is a web?
Me: stories... bla bla bl
Int: Tell me your areas of interest?
Me : C,C++, J2EE (i did a mini project recently in J2EE). I mentioned it in my resume..
Int: Can u explain me about the project?
Me : I was ready with the screenshots and I startd explaining him..
Int: Can u draw the flow diagram?
Me: I drew the flow diagram and explained. He was convinced and impressed
Int: Write the queries for insert, update, delete?
Me: I wrote it
Int : He gav me a table and told to write a query for a operation..
Me : I wrote
Int : Explain Software development life cycle?
Me: i explained
Int : He gav a puzzle and told me to solve..
Me : I was a bit tensed so i cudnt concentrate.. He helped me and finally i solved the puzzle..
After this he congrtulated me and gave me the HR form.. i was very happy and i came out flying...

HR Interview :
 I went to the HR interview at 2'o clock.. I was given a form and told to fill it up.. Friends, that form matters a lot.. It has got some tricky questions in it..  With concentration fill up the form because questions wil be asked based on the answers that u giv in that form..  It was easy for me to answer all the questions.. I was calld in and the interviewer shook hands with me..

1. Introduce yourself?
2. Wat do u know about wipro?
3. Why do you want to join wipro?
4. Your strengths and weaknesses ( It will b asked in the form itself) ? the questions wil b based on the answers that u gav in the form..
5. What do u expect from wipro?
6. Talk for 5 mins on a general topic?
Tat's it.. The interview went on for 20 mins...

The results were published at 5'0 clock and by god's grace my name was there in the list... Friends, Be confident and hav faith in god.. He can do miracles..

Total appeared : 700
Technical Interview :280
HR Interview : 130




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