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Hi friends,
I am Gaurav Mehra, from CIEM Kolkata. We had Wipro Technologies campus interview in our college on the 21st of March. They started off with a ppt. A very nice and attractive one, which attracted me a lot towards the company. After an hour long ppt everyone had to go for the aptitude tests except the top 5 of each stream. I was the topper of the college so didn’t have to sit for the apti. We 20 were selected to go directly for the tech interviews. Rest went to give the apti which I heard was a difficult one. Our tech interviews started around 12 and my turn came at around 2:30 as they had taken a long lunch break in between. I was a bit nervous outside the room but after entering I was very very confident. The interviewer was a man (around 40) and looked very serious. I sat and he asked me to say all the subjects I had I that sem and all before that. I said all of them (almost all). He started and asked me from each subject I mentioned. Here are the questions:

1. Define DBMS. Its uses. Types. Examples of different DBMS.
2. Network layers.
3. JVM. Applets. Servlets. Difference between java and C++.
4. Static variable in C. Binary tree using linked list.
5. Waterfall model. V model. All types of testing including system, integration, black box and white box testing.
6. Definition and uses of OS. IPC. Semaphore.
7. DMA in microprocessor. 

My interview lasted for about 1.5 hrs. I answered most of the questions correctly but many I didn’t knew. I frankly said “I didn’t know”. I was very confident in any answer I gave and hence was sure will get selected. The interviewer was enjoying asking me questions as his smile was increasing as it continued. Finally he gave me the HR form and gave me marks in the interview.
A total of 185 sat for the test out of which 89 cleared the apti and 44 were selected from them for the HR interview.

We filled the HR form and I had my HR interview around 4.
It was taken by a mam. She firstly asked me to tell about myself. I had prepared the 3-4 min answer for it but over there my answer was only 20 sec long and I said that’s all. She said she had 2 questions. “What I meant by a good IT company?” and “What I mean by challenging environment:” I had mentioned that word in the Hr form as well. I explained her the answer to both nicely. She looked impressed. She then asked me about my weaknesses mentioned in the form. I explained her that too. By that I knew I was selected. Finally she asked me “did u have a girl friend?”. I answered her this question superbly and she was impressed to its best. She said thanks and best of luck and asked me to wait for the results. Finally around 8:15 our results got declared and 41 out of 44 got selected. One of which was me. I was very happy to hear my name. It was one of the most memorable days of my life.

For students wanting to join Wipro the only suggestion I can give you is BE CONFIDENT. It does matters how much knowledge u have but having knowledge is not enough. Being confident is the most important things. Many of students who got through were not technically sound but confidence was the only thing that helped them clear it. So believe in yourself and always be CONFIDENT.

Thanks for reading my experience.

Best of Luck…..
Hope to see u in Wipro too.



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