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hi friends this is shafnaz ....and last day 23 march 2007 the wipro has visited our campus for recruitment..........the placement process was not so tough...if u r confident and have basic knowledge and a good communication skill ,u can also get through iit....

the placement procedure had 3 steps.....
Aptitude test
Technical interview and 

The aptitude test consists of 3 sections....
verbal   15qns.......verbal qns like some synonym,antonym for some bit tough words...one or two anlogies....arranging jumbled sentences etc...
analytical   15qns analytical was easy....most of the qns frm agarwal.....time and work,profit,error %,etc
technical 20qns qns frm c.c++,datastructures.....for non cs students most of he qns other than c or c++ were tough...but cut off was very low....so majority of ec students including me got through the test...

among 286 students 129 were shortlisted from aptitude test for the next stage,technical interview. the second session that is tech interview really required very much care from us...because most of them are eliminated here for their minute mistakes....but dontworry all the things depend upon the panel that u get..... thank god ....mine was a cool panel....i was the third one in my panel...the first two were also my classmates..they got through the interview and got HR form. that made me so cool and tension free...and the my turn came.....

i entered after seeking his permission by askinng"may i come in sir"....he said yes....
then i entered with a very good smile.....always keep a pleasing appearance before the interviewer...bcoz that made u something different and made a feeling that u r a cool guy....ok back to my interview...he asked me to give resume..i gave...and asked me to tell me about myself....i told.....that intro included my name, current status,family,my key strengths and interests....then he asked me about the miniproject of our current semester.....really that was an expected qn...but the fact is that i dont prepared any miniprojects that time...so at first i told:sir i didnt start my miniproject yet...and now in some searching of a different topic. sir again asked y r u late to choose the topic and didnt satrat yet?????then i have to maintain his attitude towards me positive..so i carefully told that...sir be frank i will tell u the truth..we were very much engaged with our clg's accreditation works and related activities .so actually I didnt get enough time for a serious discussion or toipc search on miniproject...then he was ok and told me well and advice me to find a topic soon sothat u can get enough time to complete it...anyway my answer made in him a good impression....then he came to technical topics..he asked me:whichever subjects that u had studied in ur curriculam?i told....
then he started asking me about some electronics qn..

1.design a zenerdiode circuit providing constant voltage output? he gave me pen and paper....
i tried but i couldnot remember at that time......i just draw a zener diode and tried for sometime. then told sir i cant remember..... even though my first qn was tough.,,,am not get nervoused,i kept my smiling face.
2.favourite subject?
i told digital electronics....
3.what is a flipflop?
i told it is a memory element.....
4what are the memories available in market
i told RAM and ROM
5what are the different types of RAMs ?
static and dynamic RAM
6what are they?
7.fn code for factorial of a number?
8.pgm to check for paliandrome?
9.what is smith chart?
10 thevenins theorem?
11.kirchoffs law?
12 relate them?
13.jk master slave flipflop?
thats all abt tech interview.......i answered these qns but i took my own time....finally he gave me HR form and said that....keep ur talking and smartness...also keep confidence...nothing to worry ..u can get through it..... remember one thing they are testing ur basic knowledge but the most important thing they consider is how we approach the qn...and also how confident on answers that we gave....so these factors should keep in mind....am not very good at technical.....being an avg student i gave answers but not perfect one..though i told those things with confidence and without any tension.....
My HR interview was at 5.30pm...in HR form we have to fill up all the details about us including our photo..so be serious and confident on whatever u wrote in hr form because the asked qns frm HR form.....in HR form we have to fill up contact details ,achievements ,hobbies, interests, strengths, weakness, expectation from wipro ,career objective and a lot more things.....my HR was a lady...she hadnt a pleasing face...but i was with my own smile....and she allow mw to sit..... the first qn was "shafnaz where is ur spectacles?" bcoz in my photo i had spects but that time i hadnt....so i smiled and told i have removed my specs and now using contact lens.....she then asked me did u wear it in school days? i told yes...so she asked so that mean u r hardworking in school but not now???right???

i again smiled and told :absolutely no mam,i just removed my spects only not my hardworking..there is no relation b/w these two that u had mentioned...... he just smiled and went to her own serious face..then she asked me:tell me about the most significant that u considere from i have mentioned in HR form.....
when i started to answer she had a call..so she said excuse to me and went for attending that call....some seconds after she came back and i never be express my iritation....and i continued that the most significant achievemnt that i considered is.....and start told about my experience on when i was school leader..and also i specified about the responsibilities, team work, leadership etc on that position.....after i completed she told me ok..thats enough for session and let us stop here..u can leave.....thats all about my HR also.....

results were annonced on the next day....and by gods grace my name was also there.....yes i did it.....am also a wiproite now....





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