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Virtusa Placement Paper


hi friends, on 21st june i attended virtusa campus drive which was a little bit hectic procedure.

there will be 3 rounds in total which comprises of written test,technical interview and hr interview.there may be a gd also if many members got through the written test.

in written test there will be 5 sections---1.aptitude 2.verbal 3.mental ability 4.technical 5.attentive ability
the aptitude and verbal rounds will be easy and mental ability and technical will consume more time.
in attentive ability there will be a big passage.we have to read that passage for 10 min and return back the passage after that a paper consisting of 10 questions will be given. we have to answer that questions which we read from the passage.

for aptitiude its better to prepare rs agarwal and in the technica sections there will be small codes,we have to pick the correct output.the questions will be only from c and ds.

next comes the technical round which was a bit difficult round.
in this round the interviewer first asked about me and my favourate subjects.then he will ask to write a code of his wish like pascal traingle,reverse a string, to print stars in the given order,and programs on linked lists,trees,searching techniques.

after that he will ask questions on operating systems like what is os?,what is paging,fragmentation,scheduling algorithms etc. after completion of technical round its almost the end of the process that is hr interview which was a very easy one.

only thing required is minimum speaking skills,confidence and eye contact. the person who interviews will be very very free and he will be freindly with u.he may also ask puzzles and dont fear even if u dont answer he will just test ur attempt.

so feel free and all the best. bye



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