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Virtusa Placement Paper


Hai friends, I am sankilikumar (BE.ECE)from thigarajar college. engg.,madurai-15. its a off-campus. totally 8 colleges. 415 students. first of all..BE CONFIDENCE with PATIENCE.
I attended for some companies previously. But i am still confident and tried and attempted for all, so please be confident.

I Round :- Written Test ( conducted by METRIC Track)415 are attended. It is having 5 phases of paper's .
(1) Verbal Ability --- synonyms,antonyms, articles, wrong sentense's, paragraph's.
(2) Apptitude Ability --- appitude questions from r.s.agarwal (regular)
(3) Mental Ability --- (very very very easy dont get confused)
(4) Technical Ability --- questions from C and datastructures (.SOLVE simple questions first which may be present at the last.. be careful)
(5) Reading Ability --- they give a 3 pages document to read and understand and they take back the paers and give us a question paper of abt 10 questions (read only once and very carefully.. remember the key words and main theme of the document )

II Round :- Group Discussion (conducted by the HR Team)short listed 62
The topics given are very very casual. they just want to test whether every one is having their own idea and are we able to talk when we are given a chance . After the announcement of the short listed candidates from written test all of us are divided into groups each containing 10 members.
The GD topics are like:
cell phone band

III Round :- Technical interview (short listed 47)
This is a bit tough round . the session lasted for about 45minut to 1 hour. be confident on the subjects you are interested. about my all projects first...

I was asked to write the following programs and explain the logic:
Check whether the given number or a string is palindrome or not.
To print the number given in an integer form to the same in words like one for 1, two for 2 and so on
Program to print the angle between the pointers in the wall clock when time is taken as input.
Can trees be implemented using arrays?
Some programs were given and I am asked for output.
when is the queue empty and when is it full.

I was asked two puzzles
About the inheritance in C++
Some questions on electronics like what is meant by diode, transistor, resistor, capacitor.
Why are you interested in s/w?

IV Round :- HR interview.
This is the Easiest Round we have to face. But be careful. Here the Key's to Success are CONFIDENT and COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Be confident of wat u say. the questions are regular like.....

The first question is tell me about yourself
Why do you need a job?
What is your place in the class?
Did you selected or attended in any company?
why sould we appoint u
y virtusa
happiest moment in ur life.
interests... hobbies...
dont be over confident. Be casual all the time. I am sorry that I have not remembered the questions in written test.
The results were announced around 6.00pm and I felt tensed but at last I selected .totally 18 students r selected

All the best to all of you. i hope, suerly we ll meet in virtusa.
S. Sankilikumar



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