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VEDANTA Placement Paper

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 7 October 2007
Test Location : Raipur


Hi friends, Vishal- Manas here, Some questions of Vedanta’s Recruitment Process (held at Raipur , from 4th Oct to 7th Oct 2007) we are giving , Most of these are from R. S. Agrawal (verbal and non verbal & Quantitative Apti.) .

Total No. Of Candidates- 425
Selected from written- 221
Branches- All (Mech, Elect, Electronics, Comp, IT)

There are total 35 Questions, Most of them are directly from R.S. Agrawal, very easy,
Total time allotted was 50 mins.

1. Find the next term of series
0, 6, 24, 60, 120, 210, 210, ?
ans - 336

2. Preamble: Constitution ::
ans- Book: Preface.

3. Greed: Corruption ::
Ans - Guilty: Enemy

4. There are some no. of men and horses , After some time half of the men left, then total no. of legs (of men and horses) will be 70, find the no of horses.
Ans – 14

5. If a train runs at 40kmph it reaches its destination late by 11 mins,but if it runs at 50kmph then it late only by 5 mins The correct time to complete its journey is-
ans- 19 mins

6.A train of 110 mtr long is running at 60 kmph . In what time it will pass a man who is running at 6 kmph in the direction opposite to train ?
ans – 6 sec.


if x = y+2;
and xy = 24
then z= ?
ans – 2(13)^(1/2) {confirm it.}

8. A shopkeeper marks the selling price 20% more then cost price of a item and then he gives discount of 10% then gain will be-
ans 8%

9. Diagonal of a cube is 17.4 cm find its volume.
(data may differ)
ans- volume of a cube= (Diagonal)^3 / 3.

10.Find X.

ans X = 625

The diagram given below shows the no. of students who got distinction in three subjects out of 500 students. Study the diagram and give the ans.

11. What is the percentage of students who got distinction in two subjects ?
ans- 8%

12. What is the % of students who got distinction ?
ans 38 %

13. The % of students with distinction marks in maths is –
ans 17.8%

14. Statements :-
some bananas are apple.
All apples are tomatoes.
Some potatoes are tomatoes.

Conclusion :
(I) Some bananas are tomatoes.
(II) Some potatoes are bananas.
(III) Some apples are potatoes.
(IV) Some apples are bananas.
Ans- Only (I) and (IV) follows.

If Rectangle Represents – Males
Triangle “ “ -- Educated
Circle “” -- Urban
Square “” -- Civil Servant

15. Who among the following is an educated male not an urban resident.
Ans –11

16. Who among the following is neither a civil servant nor educated but is urban and not a male?
Ans. – 3

17. Who among the following is female , urban resident and also civil servant?
Ans. – 10

18. Who among the following is educated male who hails from urban area?
Ans. – 12

19. Who among the following is only a civil servant but not a male nor urban oriented and uneducated?
Ans. – 7

20. A batsman has certain average of 11 innings. If he scores 90 runs in 12th inning his average reduces by 5. then find his overall average?
Ans. – 145

21. Rectangle is having diagonal 5 cm and width is 3 cm . Find its area.
Ans. 12

22. If COMPUTER is written as RFUVQNPC. How MEDICINE will be written?

23.The age of a father is twice that of his elder son. 10 year hence the age of father will be 3 times that of his younger son. If the difference of age of two sons is 15 year. Then the age of father is-
ans. – 50 year

( From --Verbal & Non Verbal , R. S. Agrawal Page-299, jumbled problems )

Of the six men of literature A,B,C,D,E and F being considered here, two belonged to the 17th century, three to the 19th and one to the 20th century. Four were recognized as great poets, three as great novelists and three as great dramatists. One contributed to Bengali literature, two to Hindi, two to Marathi and one to Tamil. The 20th century writer wrote poetry only and contributed to Marathi literature and the other Marathi writer contributed to poetry, novel and drama. One Hindi writer and the only Tamil writer belonged t other 19th century. The former contributed to poetry and novel while the latter to novel and drama. The Bengali writer belonged to the 17th century and contributed to poetry only. A belonged to the 20th century, B wrote drama only, C contributed Marathi literature, D was a Hindi Poet and novelist and belonged to the 19th century. E also belonged to the 19th century, and F contributed to Poetry only.

24. To which language did B contribute ?
ans. Hindi

25. Among these, who was the Tamil writer ?
ans. E

26.To which branch of literature did A contribute ?
ans. Poetry

27. Among these, who was the Bengali writer ?
ans. F

28. To which branch of literature did C contribute ?
ans. All of these ( Poetry, Drama, Novel)

Question no 29 to 33 -- A Bar graph of 5 different TV manufacture companies A,B,C,D and E ‘s between production and demand is given, and asking some simple questions. Very easy.

Question 34 and 35 not remember.



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