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VALUE LABS Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 21 July 2006


hi all,

this is harish, i have recently attended valuelabs walkin last saturday that is on 21st of july.
Actually it consists of three rounds i am not sure with the toal number(might be round about 2200) of people attended the test bout ou of many people only 350 were shortlisted with the written test and next round is the gd round in which total 158 were shortlisted,after gd hr of the company gave preview abt the company profile and after that only 50 members were interviewed on that day i was one among those 50,for me it was a panel of two members both are really cool and first they asked me to introduce my self and then asked me abt strengths and weakness and then they asked me about my project,then asked some c questions,database questions,some .net and java questions and then asked if there is one project given to you which language will you choose either .Net or Java why .net or why .java why not other,as i said before the interviewers are very cool,and all this went for 45 minutes aftr that they asked me to leave and i asked few questions and they have cleared my doubts,and asked me to wait for three more weeks for the result.

The placement paper consists of gre barrons anollogies,one comprehension,two gk questions three c questions,four aptitude questions totally 25 questions irememberd few and i am giving you please go through it.

third one i dont remember
even fifth i dont remember
one which eats both animals and plants is------------------
and tehn one big comprehension
one simple ages question
one problem on boats andd streams
next is if there are two colors of sockses in a dark room how many have to be picked so as to assure that there will be atleast one pair..Answer three
followed by two c questions
and the next one is asked to find the size of the array arr(20) Ans is 40



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