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hi, I m shivani from SCRIET, meerut (CS branch).. I hd given my off campus interview for US tech on 6th feb,07..

The whole test consisted of three rounds
1. Apptitude
2.GD and lastly

Apptitude basically consisted of 90 questions.. 10 of maths.. tough for me, 30 on comprehension (was quite lengthy) & 50 on logical reasoning(like series,relations,age etc.) although people advise for RS Aggarwal but frankly speaking i didnt refer any book for this appti.. i got selected for the next round luckily

for gd, very general topics are asked.. actuallly we had ppt firstly i.e a representative of that company who wud b briefing us bout his company.. there he had asked ques from us tht "How do you differentiate b/n a JOB n CAREER"? and tht was our GD topic.. it was for 10 mins with 10 people.. as our discussion was not healthy in this topic

 so we were given another topic in the midst, "IS MBA REQUIRED OR NOT"... always remember to speak valid points rather than shouting n suprresing sombody's voice.. but remeber to speak it confidently bcoz even if u say sumthng wrong nobody is gonna kick u out  

again God was kind enough.. got cleared wth this round as well. Lastly was interview.. more of HR & the simplest out of all rounds Initaly he made me comfortable talking to him.. as his ascent was kerala types.. then he started asking me bout which subject i m comfortable with.. from B.tech and which language

i mentioned tht i m comfortable with C/C++..
then he started asking very simple questions like various data strucures used?
wht's d  difference b/n linked list n stack?
wht is multiple inheritance?
wht r d features of OOPs?etc..

lastly he asked me a logical ques which was.. if 3-4 frnds of urs including u r sitting in a boat n u all r in a very small pool.. n suddenly we encounter tht we r getting drowned.. n after sumtime we r completely drowned... wht will be rise of water level.. wil it increase, decrease or remain same

i replied tht acc 2 me it wud remain same applying Archimedes principle..
i think my answer was wrong bcoz he said think over it it's ur homework..
thn he asked me if suppose i m gud at sum langauge say Java n 2morrow sumbody comes to me n says he has to make his project in cobol.. wht wud i do..

aftre taking few mins for thinking, i replied Sir i wud like to convince tht person tht i wud make tht project in Java with all his spedifications n even if he doesnt get convinced by tht thn obivously i wud go for this language as there lies no probs in learning new language as job is a job..

thn he asked me if i send u Trivandrum, wud u b able 2 adjust there(i got a hint tht i m 99% selected)... and i finally cleared my interview either.. it lasted for(15-20 mins)..

so in short i can say it was simple one.. but wht is more imp is tht confidence works.. n the way u interact





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