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Torry Harris Placement Paper



Hello friends, I  m Nitin gupta , electroinics & communications dept. from KRISHNA ENGINEERING COLLEGE & I  m a lucky guy amoung 350 candidates who got placed in TORRY HARRIS, it was a euphoric evening for me. 

Total students appeared: 350
No of students qualified the written paper: 52
Finally: 11
Package: 3 lakh per annum.


1)- Aptitude ( 20 questions, 20 minutes).
Aptitude portion was a little bit tough but main thing was time management.

Some questions which  I remembered are:

a) An insect climbs a 15m long pillar with 3m in 1h and 30 min rest, in rest time it falls 2m then find time to climb 15m pillar.
b) Square of  an area 12400 is given , find the time taken by a lady to move across a diagonal with speed of 15 miles per hour.

2)-Non- Technical paper ( 20 questions, 20 minutes) .
This paper basically had ques related to simple digital, control system & micro-processor & was quite easy as compare to aptitude.

Some questions which  I remembered are:

a) How many address lines in 2048*4
Ans: 11

b) If unit input is an impulse response then its laplace transform is
Ans: 1

c) What is the steady state error in transfer function G(s) = k/s(s+1)
Ans: k

Note: There was a technical paper for CS n IT students and choise for ME students to opt either of the paper. I m from EC so I got non-technical paper n also for EE students as well.

3)Technical & HR
Firstly they were decided for GD as per their recruitment process but later they directly went for technical & HR so, it all depend upon them whether they  held GD or not depending upon the no of candidates who have cracked thw written  .

In technical, he asked me about my technical skills, I told him C, HTML, Microsoft office tools & SAP which I mentioned in my resume.

then he directly asked me to write same program in both C & C++ , I did it in C accurately but in C++, I straightly told that I don't have a good command in C++, then he asked me abt difference between them( C & C++), I gave him the answer, then he asked me to WAP to print  all the alphabets of english by using while loop n I correctly did it.

So, guys N gals it was all about the scenario, finally I  got an appointment letter on the same day , keep on hard working n remember If 2omorrow is yours then nobody can stop u to be succeed &  by God's grace that day was mine

We will meet in TORRY HARRIS very soon

I m wating for u




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