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Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 27 June 2007


The selection procedure is as follows:

A) online test

B) technical &hr round (it was combined 4 me)

A) The online test consists of three sections:

1)verbal ability

2)quantitative ability

3)critical reasoning

Verbal section was really tough.Questions were of the GRE level.Refer Barrons GRE guide(12th /13th edition).

Quantitative ability was very easy….number series,some problems from rs aggarwal, Picture, Bar chart and Pie chart questions, some previous years question papers,etc had come…..

Critical Reasoning Here you find very difficult to finish within the given time. So better be familiar with Barron's 12th n 13th edition Model Test Papers (all the five).

Technical & HR round:

This round lasted 4 about 30 minutes….

My interviewers were really cool n friendly…..they made me feel comfortable.

Interviewer:So Elizabeth ,r u from the UAE?


Interviewer:tell me about urself..

Me:I gave details about my educational background,my achievements,my goal,my hobbies n my ambition

Then the interviewer started asking me technical questions……from all cse subjects(os,data structures,dbms,c,c++)

Some of these questions were:

What is polymorphism?

Can we pass arguments in the main function in c?

Can u show how we can acces the variables of a class using objects?

What is normalization?what r its types?

What r the types of joins ?

What is a queue?what r linked lists?give their advantages….

Whats the difference b/w a linear queue n a circular queue?

Give me an example of artificial intelligence.i said google search engine

Give me the difference b/w verification n validation in software engg.

What is meant by software testing?

What is data mining?give me an example where we use data mining.

What is a deadlock?

What all subjects did u study in the last sem?

Then they asked me questions from those subjects.

What r the commands in Unix?

I answered all these questions correctly.

Would u have a problem if we post u abroad? Would u have a problem traveling?

U know only c & c++.how do u think u can manage 2 work in tcs?

Do u know about the 2 year bond in tcs?do u know about the background test n the medical clearance test?

Finally,she was like Well Elizabeth ,I had a nice time talking to u thanx a lot 4 answering all the questions.have fun!!enjoy

N at 7:30 p.m ,the results were announced and I was selected!!

All the best to all tcs aspirants!!be calm,composed n confident during the interview.Also thank the interviewer on behalf of urself n ur college..This will give them a good impression.

Above all I think god’s grace alone is sufficient 4 us to make the interview a success…

All the very best 4 ur future!!do well


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