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Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 11 May 2007
Test Location : National Institute of Technology- Srinagar


Hi guys. I am Rohit Reddy, a student of Civil Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Srinagar . I am in my 6th sem. I got selected for TCS.

The written test was conducted on 4th May, 2007. The cut off was fixed at 50. I consider myself lucky as I scored 50 marks. Out of 160 guys who appeared for the written test, 93 were selected for the interview. For the written test, I prepared from Barron’s High Frequency Word list. I also prepared from the previous papers of TCS downloaded from various websites. The interview was on 11th May, 2007. This gave us ample time to prepare for the interview.

I prepared for the interview from Balagurusamy. I also prepared from the FAQS at interviews again downloaded from various websites. When the guys from TCS arrived at our college, they decided to hold three rounds – technical, management and HR. But, due to lack of time, they decided on only two rounds – technical and HR.

Interviewer: Hi Rohit. So your branch is Civil.

Interviewer: Then, why are you switching to IT.

Interviewer: So, what have you done so that you can expect a career in IT.

Me: Sir, I learnt C.

Interviewer: Write a program for the Fibonacci series.
Interviewer: What is your favorite subject?

Me: Sir, I like surveying.

Interviewer: Surveying is so difficult. We do not know about it. Ok. Surveying contains maps, contours and all that right?

Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: Tell me what is isobar.

Interviewer: What is an isotope?

Interviewer: What is isotherm?

Interviewer: Ok, if you want to survey this room, what will you do?

Interviewer: If this room had small hills, how would you show them in the map.

Interviewer: Can I ask you from strength of materials?

Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: What is RCC?

Interviewer: Do you know about rebars?

Me: No sir, I do not know.

Interviewer: What will we do to increase the strength of RCC.
Interviewer: Tell me why do we not use iron in the place of concrete?

Interviewer: What is a cantilever?

Interviewer: When we apply a load to it, how will it bend?

Interviewer: Where would we use cantilevers?

Interviewer: What is a truss?

Interviewer: Can you draw one?

Interviewer: Explain the load carrying mechanism of the truss.

Interviewer: Ok Rohit, I am going to put one last question. Suppose we have two rocks and an iron rod in between. When we apply a load on it, will it bend?

Interviewer: Can you prove mathematically that it can bend?

Interviewer: Ok Rohit, do you have any preferences in working. Do you want to stay with your parents or anything like that?

Interviewer: Can you draw a circle with a dot inside?

Me: Without lifting the hand?

Interviewer: That is obvious.

Me: (I just shrugged.)

Interviewer: Do you have any questions?

Me: No sir.

Interviewer: No questions?!!

Me: No sir. I was there at the ppt and I do not want any clarifications.

Interviewer: Ok Rohit.

Second Interviewer: You can wait outside.

The HR interview went as follows:

HR: Hi Rohit. How are you? Please take your seat.

Me: Fine madam, thank you.

HR: Hi Rohit. Do you like Srinagar ?

HR: Why?

HR: You are basically from Chennai?

HR: You have a very good academic record. What was your rank in +2?

HR: What are your interests?

HR: Where do you see yourself in 3-4 years from now?

HR: Do you have any questions?

HR: Ok, Rohit. You can leave. Bye

The interviews went on till late night. The results were declared immediately. 53 guys were selected.

What I came to know from the selection process is: The written test marks do not count as I scored the minimum and got selected, but, the guy who topped the written test was not selected







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