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Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 9 March 2008
Test Location : V.I.ET ,Dadri .


Hello Guys . This is Ashutosh Kumar Singh (B.Tech 3rd year CS ). TCS conducted a recruitment Drive in my college (V.I.E.T , Ghzbd) on 9th March 2008 (for three days ). I cleared the written exam (online) . For written exam , just go through the previous papers & Barron’s 12 Edition . This will be sufficient . But, b careful not to press d ‘Exit’ button . It’ll lock ur answers .
Interview was a three round process .
• Technical Round .
• HR Round .
• Mangerial Round .

Technical Round :
Firstly ,I entered the room for the technical interview .
I said “May I come in Sir” .
He said “Come in” .
I said “Good Morning” to both the interviewers (actually 1 was male & another female).
I said “May I sit” They said “Sure” .
The first question for me is “Tell me about yourself” .
Told .
Then they immediately shifted there focus to technical part . They read ( in my CV ) about my first Project .
He asked “Wht’s platform for dis”.
I said “Java Sir” .
He said “You know Java” .
I said “only Core Java” .
He asked “What is Multithreaded ?” . Told . ( Upto 5 mins he asked questions related to Multithreading , I gave answer to all questions ) .
He asked “Wht is Inheritance ?” . Told .
He asked “Is dere any concept of Multiple Inheritance ?” .
I said “No” .
He asked “Then How can we achieve Multiple Inheritance ?”.
I said “We can use Interfaces”. He asked few questions on Interfaces .
He asked about RDBMS . (My favourite ). I told everything about RDBMS .
He asked “Wht is DDL & DML ?”.
Told .
They both asked a lot questions on RDBMS & answered all of them .
Finally the lady questioned “Do u know JDBC ?”
I said “Yes ! I used JDBC in my project” .
Then She said “Can u just write the code to connect Java with any Database ?”.
I wrote the whole code for connection . And then I came out of the room .

HR Round :
After 5 mins or so ,I got a call for Hr interview .
I entered the room “May I come in MAM ?” . There were two sweet females .
I said “Good morning Mam” .
They said “Good morning” .
They said “Tell me about yourself which is not mentioned in ur CV”.
I said “My hobbies r … , My strengths are …, My weakness are …” . In d weakness section I said “Due to dedicated work my social Life gets affected” .
She said “Ashutosh ! U r very smart” . She repeated this sentence thrice .
But I repeatedly said “Mam whether u believe it or not it’s a fact” . I even mentioned some of my instances where I actually suffered due to work .
She said “ Why TCS ?” . Told .
She said “If we place u somewhere like Trivandaram ?”
I said “No problem ! Mam”.
She told me about the Bond of Rs. 50000 , that if I’ll leave TCS b4 2 years ,then I’ll have to pay this much of amount . “R u comfortable with the amount ?”
. I said “I’ll not leave TCS for my whole life .So, I don’t have to worry about this amount”
After few more questions , I got out of the room .

MR round (Next Day) :
I entered the room saying “ May I come in Sir” . This time there was only 1 single guy . He seems to b a very experienced man .
He said “Come in” .
He said “Tell me about yourself , Explain both ur projects (2) . This time only u’ll speak & I’ll listen” .
I started off & ended up explaining my both two projects .
He asked few questions on my project ( especially from the second project ) .
Then he asked me some general questions .At last he asked me to solve 1 puzzle "There r 9 points & I was supposed to join dese points with only 4 lines " .
I did this .
Then he again gave another puzzle ,which was a bit tough for me . I wasn't able to solve dis 1 .
It's like if u dont answer or able to crack dese baffles ,u dont need to b worry ,coz dese things hardly matters . But ,If u'll solve dem ,it'll b an added advantage for u . Otherwise ,I think dat only d Technical interview is important .
It's like 70% - Tech interview , 20% - Hr Interview & 10 % - Mr Interview .

After 3-4 long hours results were announced & My name was there . I was very happy . It’s very easy to crack TCS . Guys u can do it , I must say AnyBody can do it .

Best of LUCK . See u at TCS ...

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