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Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 2 February 2008
Test Location : MSIT college,New Delhi


First of all all u TCS aspirants i would like to say dat by GOD's grace n support of my friends n family i got in TCS. I also like to pay my regards to Fresher's world n all those who share dere experiences here Thankyou all...... TCS conducted campus drive in MSIT Janak-puri New Delhi,me n my college visited MSIT.I must say dat all dat u need is to believe in urself n almighty n everything will b fine(it's all in ur stars).

I would like to share my experience with u all who r preparing for TCS.

1st Round : Written(Online test)
It's an online test consisting of 3 sections

1st section : Verbal
10 synonms,10 antonyms,n paragraphs
i would suggest don't prepare for dis section as it's really hard to remember synonms n antonyms
i really not prepared for dis section

2nd section : Aptitude
Prepare dis section very well dis section consist of 32 questions.For dis section prepare d old TCS questions
bcoz dey r always same(questions r given in dis portal by a Galgotia's student).And try to attempt most of d questions
as dere is no negative marking.I attented about 28 questions n dey are correct as i knew.

3rd section : Reasoning
12 questions will b dere.I have 3 paragraphs with 4 questions each.Prepare all 5 model test paper from
GRE Barrons(12th edition).They put exact paragraphs from Barron's n atleast prepare all those paragraphs
which have 4-5 questions.If u are not able to solve dem dan just mug up all of dem.

Technical Interview
For technical interview prepare ur previous semester main subjects.
Please try to do a project.In my case my technical interview goes for 30-35 min they were taking the technical interview for an average of 40 minutes.
So b prepared TCS really takes the Techincal Interview.
Both of my interviewer's were very cool n supportive.

Int : Atul please come in
Me : i get in.
Int : Have ur seat Mr Atul
Me : Thankyou sir.(Don't sit untill dey asked u to do so)
Int : Tell me sumthing about urself(this is d obvious one so prepare it very well)
Me : Told.
Int : Tell me sumthing more ?
Me : I again started.
Int : What project have you worked on ?
Me : I told(I created a Pin-Ball game in Computer Graphics using C)
Int : Asked me the thorough working of the code n asked to explain
Me : I expalined(dey try to make you confuse but have confidence in urself)
Int : Tell me sumthing about enum ?
Me : I told him with some examples.
Int : He asked me to access arrays through pointers ?
Me : I done dat n dan explained d procedure behind dis.
Int : He asked me about heap n binary search trees(as i mentioned DS as my area of interest)
Me : I explained him d properties n uses
Int : He asked about DBMS ?
Me : I said i m not dat much efficient in DBMS.
Int : He said u hav DBMS in ur 3rd semester n you is not efficient in dat?
Me : Sir i know d basics only
Int : Okay tell me some DBMS's
Me : I answered about 5
Int : Tell me d basic parts of CPU ?
Me : I answered
Int : Ok imagine u hav all these parts now assemble the CPU ?
Me : I told him the process step by step

During d interview dey try to c ur confidence about wat u r saying.
Try to explain with practical examples.They r not checking ur communication skills here
bcoz in my case i speak a word in HINDI n one of the interviewer said ya go on afterall HINDI is our mother tongue
so just try to b correct.

HR Interview
For HR interview i would suggest u to be confident.
bcoz this d only thing dat dey r looking for in dis
round.Try to maintain smiling face whatsoever b d condition bcoz dis is d main reason due to which i was able to clear this round.
My Hr was 45-50 yr old very tall n very serious(i prayed lot dat i go in some other panel but....)

Hr : Atul come in
Me : i get in.
HR : Have ur seat Mr Atul
Me : Thankyou sir(he looked at me very pointingly)
HR : Tell me sumthing about urself(this is d obvious one so prepare it very well)
Me : Told(dis time i goes on n at last i said dats it from my side anything more u want to know Sir)
HR : What is Data-structures ?
Me : I explained.
HR : What r pointers ?
Me : I expalined(try to make a little bit hand movementsto show ur confidence but very little)
HR : What is structures ?
Me : I told him with some examples.
HR : He asked me who is the Prime MInister of India ?
Me : I said.
HR : Dan who is the Education Minister of India ?(Now my tough time starts)
Me : I said i don't know Sir.
HR : He said u don't know the Edu.Minister of ur country ?
Me : I said sorry Sir
HR : U is professional but not a complete professional
Me : Sorry sir but i will surely work on dat.
HR : Dan he asked a lot of questions on poltics n i was not able to answer dem
HR : He said wat is the future of IT in India speak on dat.
Me : I speak n told some good points to him
HR : He asked some more questions n finally he stare at me for 2 minutes n said ok thankyou Mr.Atul
Me : I said thankyou sir n leave

During d interview dey try to c ur confidence n body language.They put u in odd conditions 2 c ur reaction Try to confident n please don't boast.They check ur communication skills here

She is really very beautiful n co-operative actually i really not felt as i was in my final interview. It was ver cool finally she asked me to wait for some time.

My final interview completes at 4'o clock n our result was announced at about 8:30pm. My NAME was dere in d finally selected list,i m d happiest person on earth. Through GOD's grace n my family's n friends support n hepl i made my way to TCS....

Best of Luck to all of u......
See you in TCS....

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