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Hello frenz, TCS came to our college on 16th march with 3.15 lacs package and by the grace of God I m placed in TCS. Let me share my experiences with u. First of all guys, TCS is the company in which u can get thru easily, what u need is just a little hard work and lots of confidence.

First occurs the written test, which is an online test, comprising three sections:
1) Verbal(30 mins): This section contain 10 Antonyms, 10 Synonym questions and 2 Reading Comprehensions in which u have to fill the blanks and complete the passage with the appropriate options. Don't prepare anything for this section because u will be unfamilier of  90% of the antonyms ansd synonyms. Passage will also be new, just do it, it will be easy.
There will not be any negative marking and also no sectional cut-off. I haven't prepared anything about this section.

2) Aptitude (Quantitative): This is the most easiest section. Just do the previous years question paper as much as u can for this section. Remember one thing, don't try to learn the answers because they usually change the digits. 38 questions will come from this section and 40 mins will be given to solve them.

3) Logical Reasoning : This section seems to be very easy because all the questions come from GRE Barron's 12th edition 5 model test papers and LR practice exercises. But my suggestion is, learn the Barron's LR thoroughly but be aware of the method of solving LR questions, because there may come questions that may not belong to Barron's, as happened with me.
There will be three LR questions each having 4 sub-questions, so there will be 12 questions from this section. Remember, this is the most important section, if u are unable to do it u will not get thru with written.

Now comes the Interviews:
1) Technical Interview: This is the rejection round. But don't get afraid...u can get thru easily if u are confident. Just do C and C++ thats it, prepare one subject of your stream too, for eg: CS students can prepare DBMS or OS and EC students Data Comm etc. Remember, write only those subjects in ur resume in which u can confidently speak, otherwise it will create a big trouble for u. I have written  Basics of C and C++ only in my resume. However I have studied OS too as I am a Computer Science student. I was asked C++ questions only. They had asked me all the OOPS concepts and asked me to relate it to the real world objects. I have done it successfully.

2) Then comes HR round: This round comprises of general questions only  like:
Tell me about ur family and ur education?
Strengths and weaknesses
Why TCS?
Why should we hire you?
Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?...and all that
Remember, answer the quetions confidently because they will create questions from your answers only. For eg: If u say that after 5 yrs I wanna see myself as project manager, then they may ask u about the work being done by a project manager. So be aware of your answers.
We had faced Managerial Interview too, in which they asked puzzles (just want to see our approach to p'blems), this interview happens rarely so don't get nervous.
Thats all my frenzz...
There were 245 people seated in the campus.
139 cleared the written the test.
85 cleared technical and 68 cleared HR
And among 68 people, i was the one.

KEY TO SUCCESS: Be cool and calm, be confident (even if u are not knowing the answer, say i don't know confidently, they just want to see your confidence) and don't get nervous...not even for a single moment. I m sure u will get thru.
We will meet at TCS.

Prateek Jain



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