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TCS-Placement Paper-29 May 2006-Pondichery

I got placed in TCS.

TCS came to our college as in the first slot. Over 400 participated and they selected only 124.
There was an online exam. In that they selected around 270. In technical interview they
selected around 170 and after HR they took only 124.

Online exam s easy for me. As usual it consisted of 3 sections.
Verbal - 20 minutes - 10 synm, 10 antny, 10 paragraph.
Aptitude - 40 min
Reasoning. - 30 min - 12 questions.

They actually used 2 URL s for the online test. In one URL all are very easy including the
Verbal (mostly TCS words and High frequency words). In the other one all sections were
tough, Verbal part is more tough. It all depends on luck. For me first I got the tougher one,
but there was some server error, after I answered the verbal part (which was very tough,
I answerd only 2 even though I read all TCS and HF words) it closed. So they told to
login using the other URL. It was very very easy.

I was able to complete in 1 hr 15 min.

Reasoning wat I got is fully Barons 12th edition.

I read from one paper advising the students to read the followin for reasoning.

GRE Barron's LR(12th edition)

Model test 1 :Section 5 and 6, from page 442-448
Model test 2 :Section 1 and 6,page 473-476 and 495-498
Model test 3 :Section 5 and 6,page 540-547
Model test 4 :Section 5 and 6,page 590-595
Model test 5 :Section 3,page 628-631 and Section 7,page 644-646

1)Model test 1:
section 5
Questions 8-12: A project to consolidate the program of a large university..
Questions 13-16:In a certain society, there r two marriage group, Red
and Brown..
Questions 17-22: The letters A,B,C,D,E,F and G..

Section 6:
Questions 1-4: In Country X the Conservative, Democratic and justice..
Questions 8-11: tom wishes to enroll..
Questions 12-18: joe, larry, ned,..

Questions 19-22, A causes B or C, but not both..


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