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TCS-Placement Paper- May 2006

As many of u are keen to know about TCS procedure I am giving u some idea about it.

TCS test is having three sections as
1. Vocabulary section
2. Quantitative section
3. analytical reasoning section

The test is either Online or Offline, if it is online then paper is somewhat easy but u have time limit to solve any of the section though u can scroll through ques. in that section. that is u have to complete 1st section in time limit given to u. this results in that the last section is somewhat easy and completes in less time but u cant solve ur ques. remaining in 1st section. thios is disadvantage of it. but if test is Offline then paper is hard whole paper(all three sections) is given to you and u have to solve it in 90 minutes no matter that u are scrolling through sections or not.

1st section consist of 10 synonyms and 10 antonyms, paragraph complition and ques. from given para..
the words are bit hard and meerly 1 or 2 are from privious TCS paper (remember this coz we generally depend on it)
I recall in my paper only two words i. e. 'rubbish' and 'controvert' were from previous paper and words like 'Mirrage' etc. were asked for 1st time.
For these words go through GRE Barrons word list. u will get it easy if u are gone through book ' word power made easy ' by Norman Lewis.

2nd section consists of very less aptitude ques. from R.S. Agrawal and maximum ques. are based on 10 and 12 std. maths i.e. ques. on parabola ellipes, matrices etc.but this section is easy and u can easily crack it with some basic knowledge of maths.

3rd section is analytical reasoning in which ques. on puzzles, logical diagrams, etc. are included. its is most easy section.

ur result is displayed on screen as u complete test in Online test.

as u shortlist in test u have to undergo technical intervierw 1st and after passing it u have to go for HR.

technical interview is not so difficult only u should be confident in it. as u passed aptitude test its very easy to get in TCS though u are not so strong in technical only the fact is u should be confident and fluent in english. also remember that HR is also elimination round in TCS so be prepared for it. answer with care in HR, generally the ques. like
1 Why should I hire u TCS ?
2 why do u want to join TCS?
3 what u are having different than others that I select u?
also qus. like ur achievements in past, ur goal in life.

In my college 290 students were eligible for TCS out of which 37 were shortlisted for T.I. and from this 18 were for HR and finally they select 15 students.

Friends best of luck for TCS interveiw



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