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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 5 January 2008
Test Location : AKGEC, Ghaziabad


Hi friends!!!!!
Satyam came to our campus on 5th and 6th of jan,2008.
The criteria was 60% aggregate till 2nd year, no 2 years gap. 1 year gap was allowed. Live and dead backs upto 2 were allowed.

They first conducted a written test
.It consisted of aptitude and verbal,non-verbal reasoning questions. Some of the questions were a bit tough. Over all, u really need 2 work hard 2 go through it. I was fortunate to qualify it.

We were asked to fill a form(it was more of a resume). We were also asked to write an essay on any topic in the form. The same day my interview was conducted. There were two people taking the interview, one was asking the HR questions and the other was asking the technical questions.

When my turn came, the HR went out for some work.
I was asked to introduce myself(apart from my tecnical skills). Then I was asked to give an example where I showed positive attitude in my life.
Then I was asked what was my technical skill. I said Java. I was asked can a class inherit multiple interfaces. The answer was yes.I explained the concept of multiple inheritance in java.

Then I was asked....If a class B inherits multiple interfaces and there is a class F that inherits this class B. Then will class F inherit all the interfaces inherited by class B? The answer was yes (Multilevel Inheritance). I was then asked to leave. They didnt see the file or CV. Some were even questioned on their essay. Many were asked C questions irrespective of their branchs.

Next day, results were declared and By God's grace...I was selected..

You basically need to be very confident in what you say.They see your communication skills and your confidence.
Speak with confidence what you say.....They see our boldness and your presence of mind.


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