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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : General - other
Test Date : 3 February 2008
Test Location : C.V.S.R.Coll of Engg.Hyderabad


Hello friends recently i've attended SATYAM drive n got placed in it. AM still in my third yr n am very happy that i've got selected in satyam held at C.V.S.R coll of engg.at Gatkesar as u all know abt the test pattern which is like this

!st round written consisting of 15 ques in 30 min
1)radha can do a piece of work in 10 days 2) sita can do the same work in 15 days.In how many days do they complete the same work if they both work together
a.onlyu stmt 1 is enough
b.only stmt 2 is enough
c.both 1 n 2 are required but only one cannot be used
d.neither are required

find the next number in the series 19 48 30 96 -------
d.none of these
10 let s=0
20 let i=1
30 let j=1
goto:40 i=i+1
50 s=s*j
60 i=i*j
70 if j
80 print s

what is the value of s?
d.none of these

a problem given on simple interest which can be solved easily
a problem on aeroplane travelling with 50kmph n speed of still air is 30 kmph.......problem on work n time like 3 taps can fill a tank ina 50 min.................

a person observes that there are no page numbers in a book while he was reading .then he starts numbering the pages.overall he finds that there are 61 3's in the book.so how many pages are there in the book?

problem on areas around 5 problems on verbal he gave few passages n asked questions on that sorry i could not remember all the ques.

i think we have completed the exam by 12 noon and the resaults were annonced at 7:30 in the evening.from 2000+ candidates only 279 got qualified in written.

next day we had technical and hr interview.
I went for interview around 5 in the evening my HR was a lady. she asked me to tell abt my self
next she asked few questions on DBMS
i answered almost all the ques
next she asked me to tell about all the subjects i had till date
then she started asking questions on computer networks,software engg,operating systems.
i answered almost all n frankly admitted the one which i dont know
it was abt 25 min the interview went for me and finally the results were announced at 10:00 in the night.out of 279 candidates they selected 98 and i was one among them.
i was very pleased to hear that i was selected.

so friends what i sujjest is dont get tensed or nervous be cool and answer the questions with confidence. last but not the least dont forget to smile(that shows that ur cool)


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