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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : General - other
Test Date : 2 November 2007
Test Location : Calcutta Institute of Technology


Hi buddies..............Here m goin 2 write abt my xperience n satyam's campusing.. this is d second time when i hv attended satyams campusing....this tim hv cracked..for tht first f all i want thank all d fresherworld guys who hv posted there xperience here....thnxx....
Actually this tim they gave us a dream slot...so all the job holders 4m our coleg wr sittin n it..

There was 3 rounds...
Round 1>>Aptitude Test....[15 marks]
as allways there was lower cut off...it may b off 7....i hv scored 7.5 there(i think so)...each wrong sum carries -0.25...so b careful...but i ws nt sure tht wheather thr ws upper cut off or not... 3-4 questions were 4m logical reasoning...those wr a bit time consuming..n also d sums wr a bit long.. how i did ws jst i hd strtd 4m d middl...coz there was some easy sums...buddies u wl get few common questions everytime...like pyramid probs,,1 from calender,,,1 from time n work...1 from chart...so 4-5 questions wl b common 2 u....dont worry abt d sums 4m the chart...in our paper tht sum didn required ne calculation.. also 1 sum 4m pictorial puzzls...very very easy..jst practice RS AGARWAL nicely...n if u r a cat aspirant then satyams paper wl b gelid 4 u...but here time plays an important role.. coz wthn 30 mins u hv 2 finish ur exam...

Round 2>>HR round...
here i got a trickey start...actually i ws not at ll prepared 4 their interview...i was havin long hair...d 1 st question tht my interviewer ws asked is R U A ROCKSTAR ???Somehow i hv managed it...though frankly speakin my first impression was not good...n in this round my interviewer asked me abt why do u want 2 leave ur comp n join satyam?? hv u visited d satyams site??? wht ws n satyams homepage...asked abt family background also...n there wl b an essay writing...
my topic was "20-20 cricket is goin 2 giv a death knell to 50 overs cricket"...
some other topics was... how do u compare an IT professional and an ant ???
elephant is an IT professional... wl u recruit bill gates in ur company?? all work no play make a jack boy dull... leadership skills...
cleared my hr at 10:00 p.m.

Round 3>> Technical round...
as i m 4m electronics my interviewer asked me abt satellite communication,,semiconductor,,transistors,,lil bit abt micropros..as my pocket subject ws microp. actually my technical interview was 2 easy if i compare myself wid my frnds 4m cse department..as i was only asked 2 giv some basic ideas f those...but cse ppls got d questions 4m java.. n mostly dbms... tht round was really nic 4 me...i didn tht tht at tech round i dont hav 2 face wid d questions 4m cse field.. result ws declared after 12'0 clock at nite...my name was not there..i was shocked..no f selected candidates were 13...i didn thought lik tht...also i didn thought a lot f drama is waitin 4 me...after near abt 30 mins they called me n told me tht i was selected but during typing d name f d selected candidates they had missed my name...it was also shokin...frst i tht is tht HR person is jokin wid me??? when he told u r also selected....

i was overwhelmed wid joy n some strange feelin at tht time....i hv no words2 describe tht.... but lastly one think tht i lik 2 say is tht i became so proud as i m a satyamite now..n we "THINK LIKE A CEO"........
best f luck....hope 2 see u n satyam soon....

Somok Sarkar.


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