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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 29 February 2008
Test Location : UIT, Burdwan, West Bengal


Hi friends, This is Arnab Roy from BUIE, Bankura. I am a student of EIE ,3rd year. We were informed that there will be a campus selection at UIT, Burdwan on 29th feb,2008. Before going into the interview i had prepared for the aptitude test from R.S.Aggarwal and also had scanned thru some puzzles from Shakuntala devi and George. J. Summers. and i would also like to thank freshersworld for uploading candidates experiences which had helped me a lot.

On 29th, the selection process started with the apti test. there were 15 q's and we were given 30 mins. there were questions from ages, probability, ghraphical interpretation, profit n loss, pyramids and puzzles. Since there were upper n lower cut off marks so i was very careful about ticking the right option. and i would advise all of u to be 100% confident before marking ur answer. however the results were announced at around 2 o'clock and i had cleared the apti test.

Before going for the interview rounds we had to fill up a resume form where we had to fill our respective details. then we were given different topics to write an essay and mine was "Is IPL league making a mockery of cricket". this wasnt an elimination round but it was to test our english power. then we had the interview rounds.

First was the HR round. The interviewer was a very friendly person. He had asked me about what i had for my lunch. He even inquired whether i m feeling well or not. then he scanned thru my essay and asked few q's related to it. i answered them very confidently. he looked impressed and then he asked me to move to the techical panel.

In the TECHNICAL round the following q's were asked....Introduce urself.

What all subjects u r having in ur current 6th semester.

few q's from networking were asked... like LAN, WAN, MAN and their areas of use.

a puzzle was asked that "if the drying time for one of the cloth is 30secs then how much will be taken for 10 clothes to dry, all being hanged at a time".

then i was asked whether i had studied any other language other than C.

the interviewer then asked me about instrumentation and its implementation.

I answered all the q's confidently with eye to eye contact

After all these q's the interviewer seemed to be impressed with my ans and then he started asking me casual q's like which city i would like to be placed, whether my family would have any problem if i stay far from them and if other companies like TCS ,IBM offers me 25% more salary than Satyam what will i do.

At last i was asked whether i have any q's, and i asked 2 q's-- what type of work i will have to do for Satyam after i join and whom will i have to report for my day to day responsibilities.

I got my answers and i thanked the interviewer. he in return thanked me and shaked hands with me. and i left the room...

Reullts were annouced the very next day at around 2 p.m. and eventually i discovered that now I AM A SATYAMITE......

Wish u all the very best and see u all at Satyam..



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