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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : General - other
Test Date : 29 February 2008
Test Location : Priyadarshini College of Engineering,Nellore


Hi friends, I am D.Venkata Suresh from Narayana Engg College Nellore AP.I was Selected to Satyam in my first ever Interview.I would like to share my interview experience.

There are only two phases in Satyam Selection Procedure
1.Written test
2.Tech+HR interview

There will be an essay writing also after written test whih is not an elimination round. For us Written test was conducted at Audhisankara College Gudur on 28th Jan 2008. Totally 909 students attended out of which 526 students were selected for personal interview .We are asked to fill up the Resume and we are also asked to write an essay on the given topic and my topic is "If iam the C.M of a State".But our interview was not conducted immediately.Interview was on 28 & 29th Feb at Priyadarshini college of engineering Nellore.

Written test pattern is paper contains 15 questions to be answered in 30 mins.Out of 15, Seven from Aptitude, Seven from Reasoning and one from technical.Regarding technical they will give an algorithm with loop and asks you to find out the output which is not printed in that loop or that question may be from english(Synonyms,Antonyms...).I cant remember the written test questions but i can give you the topics
2.Time and Work
3.Boats & Streams
4.Odd man out & series
5.Problems on Trains
6.Two from Data Interpretation(Pie chart,Bar graphs)
7.Three questions on puzzles
8.one question on Technical
I forget other questions.

My interview was conducted on 28th feb 2008 at 3:30pm .It was both technical and HR round. I entered the room and wished him with a smile.He asked me to sitdown

HR: Tell me about Yourself
ME: Said confidently and in the middle i said Satyam is my dream company.
(He interrupted)
HR: Why Satyam?
ME: I said many reasons for around 2 mins
HR: Asked about my family
ME: Said
HR: you are a CSE student, do you know any programming languages?
ME: I said ,i know C,C++,JAVA
HR: He asked some questions from Java like primitive datatypes in java,OOPS concepts,Method Overriding,Syntax of Switch-Case,How you pass objects to functions in Java.All questions are from basics of java and other languages(mostly java)

Then he asked me to leave.I said him,"Sir, i have one question to ask you" .He said to ask the question.My queation is "Satyam is going to sponsoring the next FIFA world championship.Cricket is the most craziest game in INDIA then why Satyam is going for football". He then said that Satyam is a MNC and explain the difference between the cricket playing nations and football playing nations for around two mins.Then i again wished him and left the room.

Interviews was continued the next day(29th Feb) also and the results were announced at 3:30 pm on 29th feb 2008.
Totally 122 students were selected and iam one of them.Out of 122 students 61 are from our College i.e.,Narayana Engineering College Nellore. I hope this may help you in facing your interview


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