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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 1 February 2008
Test Location : SVPCET, Nagpur


Hi friends!! Just have a smiling face, full confidence, sanguine attitude and success will be surely yours. This year Satyam had conducted only written test and interview. There was no G.D.

Written Test
Q.1). It was related to finding the average weight of the students. In the question, there was given average weight of the students in three different classes:
Section P-around 48 kg.
Q-around 45 kg.
R-around 50 kg.

Other than this, the total no. of students in section Q was also mentioned. It was around Q=((25*R)/100)+R) as far as I remember. And question was to find the average weight of all the students. I don-no xact ansr ‘coz I didn’t attempt it.

Q.2).It was purely a mathematical problem.The equation that I got after solving the given situation had two unknowns.Hence, it appeared to be somewat twisted.But those two variables were also interrelated.Ot was sumwat like
S=(2Ax) +x2 -(B/4)
Where S=2x. & A,B were constants. It was xtrememly simple.

Q.3)Again an easy one.Some age problem or it was sumthing like that. But it was purely mathematical & again very very easy.An equation had to be formed & the answer was there.

Q.4).It was some pasage.So I didn’t solve it bcoz it appeared to be too time consuming.

Q.5).Again a lengthy one.But it was not a passage.It was like that some rules & regulations of U.S. Anti Terror team were mentioned and the question also mentioned about an organization which was trying to fight the terrorists.Based on the passage given were four different points(sentences) for choice and we were supposed to choose that option which would most correctly prove the arguement.

Q.6).A program(more precisely an algo) was given in the following manner:-
10 R=2.
20 R=R+2.
30 K=K+R.
40 J=K+2.
50 If(J>sumthing)

don’t remember further, but no initial value of ne of the variables was mentiond there. & we were supposed to choose, among the options, the WRONG output. I wonder how can there be one wrong output & three different correct outputs. But still that was what the problem was & I dind’t attempt it.

Now I don’t remember the further questions bcoz I must have solved & attempted them. M unable to recollect ques from 7 to 11, but most of them, I remember, were purely mathematical where you hav to analyse the given situation, from an equation, solve that equation & get the answer.

Q.12).Problem was basically on either Work & energy or on Time Distance.

Q.13).Based on a pie chart. Though it appeared complicated but in fact it was very very easy.Every answer ia alwayz given there inj the pie chrt itself.The only thing is how do you apply brain 7 find the answer.

The pie chart showed the percentage distribution of some commodities, & we were supposed to find the dimensions of a new pie chart for another given prcentage distribution of commodities.

So the question was inference based & not purely fact based.But then the inference that you draw depends totally upon the facts given in the pie chart, dear guys !!

q.14).ome three different graphs mentioning about population were given & this time thye ques. was not inference based but purely fact based.

Q.15). It was extremely simple. It was an upstream downstream problem that we ppl used to solve in linear eqtions in about 7th std.

So frnds that was all about the apti. I got thru the apti & my intrview was on the next day 2nd of Feb.

My interview experince was just fantastic. From the time I entrd the intrvw rooom to the time I exited I maintained total eye contact, had full confidence and presented my best self forward with an impressive +ve attitude.

A total of 200 students were finally selected fron a total of 1200 that appeared for the drive & I got thru d ntire process 2 b 1 of them.

When I entered the interview room the interviwer sir seemed to be extremely busy mending up some old records of the previous candidates. I took permission & entered the room. Still sir wasn’t looking at me but I maintianed full eye contact.I said “Warm Good evening to u Sir !!”) it was around 7:15 p.m. Still sir was very busy. With his eyes into the documents he said “God evening”

”May I plz hav a seat sir?” Sir said,” yes yes plz sit down”. Still not looking at me. But by this time, he was reading my previously submited resume of mine.

Finally, sir looked upto me & after reading “Computer Engg(my branch)” from my resume he asked me about my knowledge in the field of animation bcoz that happens to be the latest trend in Computers.

I said “ I hav heard that C++ knowledge is very important for for animation, though I don’t have ne bookish knowledge about animation.

Sir said “Do u mean it can’t be done using C language?”. So I xplained all d defferences between C & C++ starting with “C is the subset of C++ .. . . . . . . ”

”Which languages have u learnt uptill now ?”

“C & C++ but C++ we r learning now in this semester.”

”Just C & C++?”

“Yes Sir” I said.

Then sir paused & I felt as if a gap is getting created.So I added “Sir we have done Data Structures & Computer Graphics also but that was also done C language only”.

”Can u write a C code for opening a file in output mode?”. Very confidently I said “Yes Sir”

Sir immediately gave me a blank paper & asked me to write the code saying “OK Do it” Without any pause I wrote the C statement & said “This is the required C code sir

Sir glared at the C code that I had written & after a while he said, “Ok Ankur Ok Thank u.”

“Thank u sir Nice meeting u sir” I said & walked out of the interview room with full confidence.

So, friends did u get the mistake here ?

The most noticeable thing here is that there is no mode as output mode in C language.There r only 3 modes-Read,Write & Append. So even m amazed as to how cum I got thru the interview. So I conclude that though the questions were technical the interview was an HR interview. & seeing my confidence, my attitude, he selected me.

Da’s y I said in d beginning itself- Just Be confident, maintain eye contact, have a +ve attitude, show ur interest in the company & success is surly urs. Wish U all the very very Best of LUCk !



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