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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : General - other
Test Date : 23 February 2008
Test Location : BITM Santiniketan


Hi friends, this is Aniket Bhattacharya, 6th sem EE from BITM Santiniketan. I attended the Satyam campus drive held on 23-Feb-2008 & was among 32 selected students. I would really want to thank to all my Friends for helping me in my preparations & my parents. This was a exclusive campus drive for our college.

1. Aptitude Test(includes puzzles, quanti, Reasoning)
2. Essay writing(this was along with the procedure of filling of form)
3. Personal interview(includes HR, Technical)

Total students attended : 186
Total students got selected in aptitude test : 123
Atlast Total student got selected : 32

Aptitude test paper
As you would know there is both LOWER & UPPER cut-off. This time lower cut-off was 6 & upper cut-off was 11.
Apti mainly included the chapters : Raio & Proportion, Time & Distance, Problems on Boats, Series, Pipes & Cistern, Bar graph, Simple interest (from quantitive) Age problem, Blood relation, Data sufficiency, Puzzle No English.

You can say that each question was from each different chapter! Give stress on Quantitive (R.S Aggarwal is sufficient)

Sample questions:
1. Follow the conservations-"Sister, you have as many brother as many sisters". "Brother, you have twice no. of sister as many you have brother". How many children are there in the family.
2. A question on ratio & proportion where a two ratio of metals was given, you have to find another ratio.Blaaa Blaaa.....

We had to write an essay, which was within the procedure of filling the form. We were said to fill the form & write the essay in 10 min. different topics were given like- SEZ, Reservation in Private sector. Brain drain, Mercy killing, Indian democracy, is China a threat to india etc.

Essay round was not a elimintion round for us but it was for few previous colleges. But they do ask about the things you write in essay in Personal Interview.

Personal Interview
There were 3 panels, where two delegates gave stress on technical & one on HR.

My interview:
Hello Aniket, how r u?
Tell me something about you & your family background.
What all programming languages do u know?
Write the logic of Matrix multiplication.
Write the logic of the program" finding out no. of vowels in a string given by user".
Difference between main memory & secondary memory.
Difference between call by value & call by reference.
Difference between compiler & interpreter..........

Result was declared on next day, afternoon, and it became my most rememberable day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the people who r going to give Satyam , please prepare your Technical skills, they largely search for technical strong people.


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