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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 18 May 2007
Test Location : Audisankara College of Engg & Tech, Gudur


Hi friends, This is mohan Krishna tanguturi BTECH (III CSE) Around 380 students attended there. Firstly I will start my experience with the pattern of Satyam.

As all Satyam aspirants know that there will be three rounds which consists of

2. GD

We had our written test at around 11.00am and there are 15 questions to be answered in 30 minutes these questions are quite easy and can be solved by every one,U can get through the written if ur strong at basics formulae but the important thing is time management bcz the questions are too long .

(NOTE: Satyam had both lower and upper cut-off.so be careful and don’t try to answer all the questions in the paper and there will be -ve mark(1/4 ) for every wrong answer, so avoid guessing which may reduce ur score)

I am presenting u sm of the questions which I remembered; all these Q’s are not exactly same.

A question from ages like relation btwn present father’s age & son’s age were given and was asked to find the fathers age after some years .exactly I haven’t remember the numerals so I am not presenting them.
On series completion like ac, be, cg, dc,? Ans:e(none of these)
Be careful sm questions have ans as none of these.

I5 men work for 8 hours a day and it take 9 days for them to complete a work, then how many men had to work for completing the same work ,who work for 7 hours a day and for 12 days?
Date sufficiency problem:
Polygon abcd is a rectangle?
1. Line ab is not parallel to line cd
2. Diagnal ac is shorter than the other diagonal bd
Ans: either of these pts is sufficient to say that the given polygon is not a rectangle

Direction sense problem:
After walking 6km, I turned right and covered a distance of 2km, then turned left and covered a distance of 10km. In the end, I was moving towards the north. From which direction did I start my journey? Ans:south.

Problems from puzzle test and a diagram problem which can be solved by using basic formulae (total angle in a ||eg is 360 and angle on a st line is 180).
etc etc ………problems were given all of them relay on basics .

The results were announced at around 2.00 pm in which 93 students were got thro’ it and on the next day we had our G.D followed by INTERVIEW.

On the second day of the interview around 150 students joined us, who had there written test at MITS (madanapalli).All of us together divided into various groups (10 each) by the satyam officials and we had our G.D.

Our topic is SOLUTION TO TERRIOSIM IN INDIA , we had a nice discussion for abt 8 minutes and all of our group members are cooperative ,so 9 members from our group were selected in G.D and get thro’ third round. If u r caught in an aggressive group then motivate them 2 hv a polite discussion that will help u a lot.

After G.D all of us had a nice presentation on satyam, in which they explained abt the philosophy of satyam and the working environment of satyam, I am very impressed with there services and there philosophy.

Imp points to be noted during ppt was their philosophy, they are
· BELIEF IN PEOPLE (associates)

The whole ppt will stress on one pt i.e. “THINK LIKE A C.E.O” i.e., every satyamite will have to consider himself as a C.E.O. how nice of it considering himself as a C.E.O. and “EVERY SATYAMITE IS A LEADER”

These pts are important bcz u will have to fill a form be4 INTERVIEW in which there will be Q’s like “WHY SATYAM” so be prepared for it.

After ppt results were announced, and the selected candidates were asked to fill a form bcz in satyam they won’t consider our C.V .while filling be individual don’t take answers form Ur friends it is also important .some of the questions in the form to be filled by us are

Why satyam? what thing aspire u to join in satyam?
Why satyam want to hire u?
Where u will be the next 5 years?
These are the questions to be filled along with ur details.

There were 6 panels for interview all these panels are asking hr questions

But unfortunately the panel in which I entered is concentrating mainly on technical, so be prepared for facing technical Q’s also in ur respective subjects. There were asking basics

I am presenting some of my interview questions, most of them are basics in dbms and sm are from my core subjects.
Firstly he invited me with a smile, and then he asked “TELL ME ABT UR SELF” Then he asked technical questions, which are very basics for a C.S.E student, and
Here are sm questions which I remember,

What is meant by tuple?
Relational integrity
Full form of RDMS
What d u mean by it?
What is meant by pl/sql?
Diff btn compiler & interpreter?
What d u mean by NORMALIZATION?
etc etc ……

So frns be through with ur preparation bth in tech & normal hr questions be confident in ur answers. Here I would like to hv a quotation which can be adopted for bth G.D & INTERVIEW i.e., “A BATTLE WELL BEGUN IS A BATTLE HALF WON”

So try to have a nice start then the day will be urs


Mohan Krishna tanguturi.


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