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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 18 January 2008
Test Location : Vardhaman College Of Engineering, Shamshabad


hi friends one of the greatest battle is over. i am very happy to tell you that i emerged victorious in this battle. i am a student from C.M.R institute of technology, medchal currently pursuing ece 3 year 2 semester.

we were informed that we had the interview for satyam in vardhman college just 3 days before. immediately i just browsed through the chapters like: time and distance, permutations and combinations, probability, pyramids, series, calender,simple interest, compound interest, work,speed, boat and train problems etc. friends remember " it is the perfection in your concept that matters but not how mamy chapters you have studied. i could not get time to prepare for the technical round or other technical subjects.

i went to the exam very confidently. when the paper was given most of friends just started doing no sooner did they receive the paper. i was very cool and confident and so i spent my first 5 minutes in sitting calmly and watching others. then i slowly took the paper and read all the questions 15 questions and i was able to answer about 3 questions in the first glance itself. then slowly i started doing slightly tough problems which i thought i would do with some thought. i solved each problem atleast twice before marking as i knew there was negative marking and also lower cut off and upper cut off. so i marked only 8 questions which i am still 100% sure.

friends mark only if you are 100% sure. try to see that you do not change your answer.most of my friends marked around 10-15 questions and could not clear written. so please ensure thet you answer 7-10 questions perfectly then you are definitely through with writte.

next day it was technical+ hr.
my turn came around 5.00 pm
me: may i come in sir? (smile)
intervier: yes(very serious)

he was scanning through my resume form we filled the previous day. we were asked to even write an essay. my topic was " role of media in the society" i wrote only the positive points in the essay. my first question was: " tell me about yourself"

i replied it very confidently with eye to eye contact and a gentle smile on my lips with a clear voice and proper hand movements. then he asked " what is your opinion about the essay role of media in the society" i said " sir i have mentioned only the positive points in my essay. i told himm all the positive points. we can also look at it in the negative sense and gave him few more points." he was very much impressed by my multi-dimension approach.i answered this question alone for 5 minutes.

next he asked me what were my 3-2 subjects and i answered him confidently. again he asked me my 3-1 subjects. i told him all and specifically told him that communication were my favourite as ece student.especially digital communication.

then he asked " what is digital communication?"
i answered him every minute point in digital communication the entire subject with diagrams in 5 minutes.
he was impressed!he smiled and said good!
ok thank you nitish you can go with a smile on his face.
i thanked him and came out of the room very confidently.
i knew i was selected.
the results were declared around 10.30 pm that day and i became a SATYAMITE.

wish u all the best friends.


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