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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 18 January 2008
Test Location : L.N.C.T., Indore


Hey guys...
I am really thankful to freshersworld for my success in Satyam. Satyam came to L.N.C.T., Indore on this 18th Jan. It was a three day process

On first day we had a written apti test. It was as usual 30 min test with 15 questions. It was a zero day campus. Around 1380 students had appeared for written exam. Paper was a bit tough. Some ques were from races, age problems, pyramids, L.R. etc. Overall you just hav to complete R.S.Agarwal.

Out of 1380 only 387 were selected for next round i.e. for interview. There was no G.D. round. Initially we had given a application cum resume form on which we had to write our all details and then on its last page we had to write an essay on any topic of our choice. I wrote on "IT industry in India". Then interview started. It was really very long process. My number was going to come late night on 19th but then they told us to leave and come on next day.

We again went there on 12 noon and my number around 3 p.m. Technical were going on very tough but h.r. was very easy.
My only technical was done and no h.r. Later on only technical was done of all students left.
This is how my interview was done.

ME: may i come in sir?
HE: yes, please come in.
ME: gud afternoon sir.
HE: gud afternoon, pls sit down
ME: thank you sir
he then asked me to solve some questions of written aptitude test to check whether had done it by myself or not.
HE: ok abhinav, tell me something about urself.
i answered.
HE: wats ur fav subject
ME: Operating systems and data structures
HE: tell me wat is memory allocation
i answered.he then asked me to write two diff progg in c++ and a sql and relational querry.
i answered it.
he then asked me about the project which i will make in next sem.
I told him about it.
he then asked me that if i hav any questions for him. i asked two questions. he then told me that ok. interview is done.

Interview can easily be cracked in satyam. if any hav any xperience like project or any paper presentation or any participation in technical event then ur chance are gud in getting selected.
Then on 9 p.m. results were announced and total 137 candidates were selected and i was fortunately one of them.
it was my first campus and i was really happy to crack it.
thnx to all


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