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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 18 January 2008
Test Location : BMAS,Agra


Hi, guys hope u must b desperate to get into diss coolest company of indian it world written test wsn't of same as it use to b diss tym they didn't gave their pet ques as

but reasoning ws prominent part of apptitude paper so do reasoning well from R.S.Agarwal only 7 out of 15 quat question ws there in appti so just go through R.S.Agarwal Quantative for it(examples only r enough) they r pretty easy if u had pass ur 1st & 2nd year math paper(B.Tech)

Second round ws technical interview
there was no gd or eassy writing but wit form they ask us to write the eassy on"COMPARE IT BOOM OF INDIA AND CHINA" but it is not a ELIMINATION round so relax it is just to check that u know ur awareness and plz do double check ur spelling in two three students he point out and its too awful that time only few questions ask from some students none from me in techni they ask about ur interesting subjects u mentioned lyk i did only C so he ask me few things such as pointers call by reference and other lite stuff all generalone

In HR interview
they ask about ur family backgrond BEWARE:plz those guys whose father run business of there own never mention it u wud definatly got rejected then he ask me " wud u lyk to ask me sumthing" I ask "Sir during ppt u showed us one slide on Corporate Social Responsibility that u run a service lyk 911 in us as EMRI can u tell me sumthing about it" he told me i listen it carefully then i ask few question from him on that to show that i m taking interest and a GOOD LISTENER too then he say but its not lyk that in US too wat dey show in movies r different but i object and make up a story and say " sir my cousion in us his son once burn few agarbatties near window and smoke went out and fire brigade soon cum in few secs" he said really i reply yes sir he got impress and i got selected now i m satyamite

they only want to check CONFIDENCE AND COMM. SKILLS
SO BRUSH THEM UP ,show u r desperate to b the part of their company and dress well ,take all ur doc, photostate wit u and b confident and u will b a SATYAMITE as i m....


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