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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 18 February 2008
Test Location : HETC(WB)


At first i would like to thank my parents,my friends,my teachers,and offcourse freshersworld.com for their support and contribution.i'm still in my 3rd yr 6th sem.(dept :CSE col:HETC)......and Now I'm a PROUD "SATYAMITE" too...........Satyam came to our college on February 18 '2007. it was a two days process.2 colleges have appeared for the campus..now i'm giving the detailes of whole process..

The whole thing was divided into 4 processes.
3. HR

No.of candidates appeared :300
No.of candidates cleared aptitude:90
No.of candidates cleared HR:33
No.of candidate selected after technical:26

this time it was a bit tough..not like any other satyam papers.we were shocked after seeing the paper.

No.of questions:15
Time Limit:30 min
Cutoff::i don't know exactly about the cutoff but it was around 6-7.

i was able to answer just 7 problems.but i was confident about them.i'll refer you R.S Agarwal Both quanty and verbal non verbal.

questions were from:
1.blood relation
5.permutation combination
6.bar graphs
8.Ci and Si
9.profit and loss
10.time and work
12.paragraph conclusion..etc

result was declared around 3:30Pm 3:30PM-5PM

after clearing the apti the selected candidates took part in the ppt.after the ppt was over we were divided into several groups.and then they ask us to fill a form and write an essay.don't worry it's not an elimination round.but prepare well because it can help you in HR. in our college most of the candidates were rejected in HR just because of the essay.

My topic in the essay was:"should beauty contest be banned in India " and the time limit was 5 min.
aome other topics were:
2.every cloud has a siver line behind
3.coeducation-curse or boon
4.beauty contest degrades womenhood
5.women imansepation
6.love marriage vs arrange marriage
7.premarital sex

and please do double check your spelling..otherwise you can face a big problem in HR. then they divided us into 2 groups and divided the interview schedule.for 1st group they have their HR and Technical on the same day and the 2nd group have their on 19th.

i was in the second group.

19th February'2008

my turn came around 9:45am.and my HR was a cool person.

me:"May i come in sir"
Hr:"yes please"
me:"Good mornig sir"
Hr:"Good mornig have a sit maam"
me:"thank u sir"
Hr:"do you think every man and woman have certain short comings.answer it with justification"(note:he didn't ask me to introduce myself)
me:answered in a logical way and with a positive attitude. He was very much impressed.he then started checking my cv and the essay i have written yesterday.he was impressed.he complemented me for my essay.
Hr:"what was ur JEE rank?"
Hr:"why your marks in HS is just 75.5%"(as in all other exams i scored above 85%)
Hr:"I think you are improving day by day.that's impressive. you are through to technical "
me:"Thank u sir"
Hr:"Best of Luck"

it was just about 6-7 minutes in HR.

it was about 30 minutes,,but you know wht it was just a great round for me.i enjoyed each and every moment in these round. the man who was taking my technical was very polite and cool
Hr:"introduce urself"
me:i was prepared for it......answered with confidence.
Hr:"tell me about ur project"(i've done a project on website designing..(practical implementation))
then he asked me about the technologies we have used in the project..about wht were the problems we faced that time.
then he asked me to write a program on PHP(used for dynamic web designing)
it was a good program ...i wrote it.he was impressed and appreciated my approach.
then asked me about php,mysql,how the connectivity done,difference between .com,.co.in,.org,.net etc, answered each with confidence,
then asked me from DBMS.relation and all those things.. and i answered each ... then he asked me:where do u see yourself after 3 yrs.he was impressed by the answer and then check my cv and then asked me about my bloodgrp(as i left that part blank in my cv)and then he wished me luck and told me to wait for the result..

my suggestion: if you have done some project then prepare it very well they will ask you from project.and if you can answer you are through..and they will ask you only from your cv.nothing more than that.and don't worry about technical round they just check ur basic knowledge.

in HR my friends were asked about:
3.current affairs etc
they can also ask you from your essay.

the result was announced around 3:15PM

and my name was on the list.and at that moment i was the HAPPIEST PERSON in the world.they just check 4 things in your interview:

1.Communication Skill
3.Presence of Mind
4.Positive attitude

so don't worry .just brush them up.and always try to think positive.

good luck..see u al at SATYAM-what business demands...


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