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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 1 February 2008
Test Location : chandigarh college of engg. landran punjab

Satyam computers:

Joint campus placement drive held at C.E.C Landran near Chandigarh, Punjab around January 2008.

Well I would give you a complete round up of my experience at the placement drive conducted by satyam computers.

To begin with ?

Eligibility criteria :

10th min 60%

12th min 60%

B. Tech ? 60%

2 back logs allowed

And relaxation of 5 % in any one of the above.

Now moving forward with the written exam?

Now it constitutes of 15 questions that you have to do in 30 minutes.

They are primarily from like everybody say from R.S. Aggarwal quantitative aptitude.

Most of them are easy and can be done without any serious preparation but the ones like calendar, clock etc require sum practice.

If you feel that you have less time to do it then just go through the formulae before each chapter and go through the unsolved examples there are more than sufficient!

One or two questions may come from qualitative aptitude but nothing to panic they are logical and with just careful observation can be done easily and fast too.

Remember there is a good chance that they keep an upper cutoff so kindly stick around 9-10 out of 15 . There is one fourth negative marking also. Don?t try to cheat and get very hi scores as upper cut off may lead to rejection.

Anyways it was the first company i went for. Now you got to have a resume and whatever you have written in the resume must be correct. The point I want to convey is that you should be able to justify your resume and should answer any question asked based on your resume.

Now the one question that is most expected one is?.introduce yourself so be ready with the impressive intro as it is said the first impression is the last.

Now the interviewer may be an HR or HR+tech or tech, now what comes your way is totally luck! Mine was an hr+tech.

Now the interview scene was like this?

Me: may I come in sir?

Sir: come in..

Me good evening sir (closing the door gently as the previous candidate was sent out and was not interviewed as he shut the door hard)

Sir: sit down

Me: thank you sir

Sir: arun pandit from kullu wahan to bahit thandi hogi (sir was south Indian)

Me: yes sir

Sir: ok introduce yourself.. (Going through a form cum resume they asked to fill initially)

Me: sir my name is arun pandit. Arun means sun.

Sir: yes I know

Me: my father named me arun coz he appreciated a politician named Arun Nehru who was along the scenes in 1985.

Sir : ok

Me : (then I told about schooling from Delhi till 8th and there after till 12th in sainik school sujanpur tihra etc?)

Sir: your hobbies..

Me: sir repairing and troubleshooting computer and reading latest tech news and computer technologies, software?s etc..

Sir: continue..

Me: reading books?

Sir which kind of books?

Me: sir motivational?, scientific thrillers..

Sir: tell me any motivational book you have read?

Me: sir I have read you can win and living with honor my shiv khera, alchemist by paul Coelho, monk who sold his Ferrari by robin Sharma, power thoughts by Robert Schuller,and my favorite being courage and confidence by ?

Sir: ok ok that?s gud what abt scientific thrillers..

Me sir I have read all novels by Dan brown .. da Vinci code, angels and daemons ,digital fortress and deception point..

Sir: continue..

Me: sir I write poems?

Sir : what kind of poems?

Me : sir motivational..

Sir: why?

Me: sir many a times in my life i was down and broken and I just felt like giving up and accepting defeat but on one such day one of my friend sent an sms to me reading? I was crying of having no0 shoes until I saw a man without feet? take this world as a challenge prove ur mettle .these world really lifted me up? fail.. fall.. cry ..die .. but don?t give up.but still in some situation it didn?t help then I realized that just not giving up is not enough . one has to strike back with the double the intensity. As even a mountain stands among harsh climatic conditions, rain storm etc it never gives up but it is still standing at the very same place where it was yesterday so one has to strike back with the double the intensity in order to win and progress.

Sir : that?s good?(now time for technical)

Sir : which is your favorite subject

Me: sir networking

Sir : what have you done in networking in practical..

Me : sir I am the head of computer lab maintenance and computer awareness club of college and I have implemented LAN, wireless LAN, .

I have implemented domain, active directory, exchange server, dns, dhcp,iis and windows server 2003 nad have undertook training for Microsoft certification of mcp, mcsa and mcse.

Sir : that?s v good.

Ok tell me technical specifications of LAN , wan

Me: replied correctly?

If your college has another branch how would you interconnect them and why?

me : we can go for wi fi if distance is less... or if the distance is more we can go for wi max the new technology.

Sir : what about wan..

Me: sir it would incur long lengths of cable and subsequently repeaters etc wi max would be a good alternative

Sir : don?t mix technology with whts gud..

Me: (realizing that he was in favors of wan) yes sir wi max is a new technology and therefore it would be costly to upgrade present hardware to suit wi max and practically it would be best to use wan but instead of normal cables we can go for optical fiber which has less errors, high speed and less repeaters required

Sir: you may go now

Me good day sir

This was my interview. Others were also asked state capitals, information about there home state, basics of subjects in b tech course like operating systems,c,c++,database, working of lcd etc

Basically just go through all the main and important topics from them. The questions are mostly normal if you have done a quick recap of earlier semester subjects.

Be prepared of the project or training undergone in 6 weeks.

Basically be confident. Don?t bluff. If you don?t know or remember something then just say that u don?t know or cannot recollect now!

I was select and I hope all of you also get selected. Work on ur personality and concepts as marks are just for eligibility the main thing is your knowledge and what you have learned. Remember success can be delayed but never denied to a hardworking person. Never give up!

Impossible is nothing!

Go get your dreams?


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