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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 10 March 2008
Test Location : IEM, Kolkata


Hi, SATYAM came for the 1st time in our collage this year. We were about 160 eligible candidates (criteria may be 60% + in 10,12 & DOB>86), out of which 58 cleared Aptitude, finally 25 of us got selected as 'Satyamite'..

It had 4 rounds Aptitude ,essay writing, HR & technical.

As Satyam 's Aptitude as -1/4 -ve marking , so be a bit careful . Although it looks different from others , all can be easily worked out .... just keep ur cool.

Just go through these topics like Probability, Time & work, Pyramids, SI/CI, Profit & loss, law of allegations,

Paragraph conclusions, Data sufficiency, Logical reasoning, Blood relations. Ages..puzzles, charts , etc.

It probably had upper cut off of 11. I am not quiet sure about it.

Essay :- Sort listed students from apti round were to write an esaay of approx. 300 words on given topics. We had topics like " Its time to bury our Hockey", "Rapists should be hanged", "Adv. of smoking ", .......

My advice is write correct, clear english & try to fill up the paper . Always include starting & concluding sentence (very imp.) & try to write either for or against , on one side. keep clean, good handwritting.

HR :- It was another cool round. They asked about relocation , my life so far, didnt asked anything from essay. He asked me what will i do if I have 2 jobs . I just said first U offer me this job & then I will have a 14 months time to decide. Keep a smiling face. My HR was of some 3-4 min. or so. Just before Technical round, my HR interviewer offered me some sweet ...... Ha Ha Ha.

Technical :- It was another funny round. First they asked me to wait for a min. May be having something. This time they didnt offered anything. then they asked me what i dont know. Simply said I dont know ....... just went on to say almost everything in B.tech course. .

Then they gave me a choice - What should they ask me or they will asked everything in physics upto Class 12. just adjust them diplomatically. then they asked about lever, pulley, their types , examples ..... just like SRK's 'panchwi class tak' show.

then something about OS, Unix like diff. between Unix & linux, which OS U use, why. what is shell. about progs done in lab.

Dont try to fool them . One of my interviewer was a ex-student from WBUT. So they always know the course.

Prototype of printf ? how to compile C progs in Linux., bytecode, What is OOPs, JVM .

Finally they gave me a C code to solve :-
if ( ..... exp ...)
printf ("World")
printf ("Hello")

To get output as "HelloWorld" ... what is exp ? ans - printf("Hello"). It was really cool round . Dont panic even if U dont know anything.

In the evening final selected candidates were announced. Gave a small lecture again .....................

Finally I am a Satyam-ite. Hope to see U in about 14 months time. & Best of Luck.


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