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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : General - other
Test Date : 7 March 2008
Test Location : Calcuuta Institute Of Technology


Hey Friends...Satyam came 2 CIT on 7th march and my collg IIIT and CIT paricipated in the campussing....it started with a ppt and den the aptitude round....
the apti round consisted of 15 ques in 30 min.... their were around 200 student appearing 4 apti....trust me it is d biggest hurdle..

ques were not easy at all.....it was pretty high standard....u have to be thorough will R.S Agarwal both for quants and LR....but yes u should also be COOL headed nd think INTELLIGENTLY b4 sitting 4 d paper....coz dey jst check 4 ur intelligence....

ques were 4m topics such as
1)their were 4 ques on puzzle test...it was easy but time consuming
2)simple interest (easy one)
3)prob on trains
4)series(one 4m no. series and one non verbal)...both were not very easy...
5)conclusion from paragraph(easy one....was on petrol pollution)
7)surface areas

if a monkey climbs 3 steps and comes down 2 steps in an hour....den how much time will it take 4 him to climb 20 steps?
answr-c (18hr)

a certain article cost something and a second article cost 20%less than the 1st ariticle.if a person gain (25/2)% on d 1st article and loses 10% on d second article,den find d overall gain or loss on d whole transaction?
a)25/2% gain
b)25/2% loss
c)no loss or gain
answr-e (none)

be careful b4 chosin ur option...they have negative markings also(1/4th)...Time Management is very very important d results were announced 4 the round and out of 200 students 48 were selected...much to my surprize i was one of dem..

den their was an essay writing round..this is not an elimination round...dey r just checkin ur grammer,ur basic knowledge of english and how much u r aware of d outside world...ques in hr round are asked 4m ur essay...so write neatly in good handwriting and make sure their are no grammatical or spelling mistakes in ur essay..

topics were
a) role of women in modern india
b) love vs arrange marriage (my topic)
c) advantage of smoking
d) should cricket be lessend in order to promote other sports

we were given 5 min to write on it...it was fun

then i was called 4 hr round....the hr was a man 4m army who recently joined satyam...he was very sweet and friendly...so i was not nervous..he asked me ques only 4m my essay as i had written for love marriage....he tried to move me away 4m my point but i did not...he gave me all good arguments for arrange marriage..dont ever be harsh with ur words...put ur points in GENTLE words..i was very polite and calm even though he tried to make me angry...

dat impressed him(i guess)...jst be CALM nd plz BE URSELF...nd never try to bluff...be HONEST and CONFIDENT.. out of 48 students 29 cleared the hr round nd by god's grace i was of of dem.... den was my technical round... it was a cakewalk 4 me....the technical person was very very cool and calm he just asked my intro,and some ques on my project...my tech intrnw lasted for only 5 min...

i think a PROJECT in ur cv is alwz a ADDED ADVANTAGE..it changes d focus of d interviewer...bt make sure dat u knw every small details of ur project...bt don worry if u dont have one..jst prepare well d subjects u r writing in ur cv.. d results were declared at 9.30p.m and out of 29 students,19 were selected finally... by god's grace, i am a SATYAMITE now...so study hard and pray harder....its d game of luck...


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