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SATYAM Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 1 February 2008
Test Location : CEC landran


Satyam came to CEC landran campus on 1st feb,2008 .It was a joint campus placement so large no of students appeared for the rounds. the test consisted of two rounds ,first was the aptitude round and second was the interview round and it was both the technical and HR.The firsrt round was quiet easy round and it consisted of the 15 questions and all were multiple choice and normally they consist of SI and CI,permutations and combinations and clock related and logical ,ratio and proportion and work done type and 30 mins were given to us to solve the questions and I was able to solve near about 11 of them and then after the test ended up at 4pm ,the result came at 12 am next day or at midnight and I was one of them and since a large no of students were their on the list so I guess the cutoff must be near about 6 .

Now the next round was of interview but before that they gave us a form to fill with particular details about the 10th 12th and so on and in the end we have to write one paragraph also and mine topic was on global warming and it has to be of near about 300 words and we did it in the provided time and now the students were divided groups and the interviews were going on and mine turn came at around 5pm the next day that is 2nd feb and I was very tensed before entering the room but as soon I entered and been greeted by the hr,I started feeling comfortable and he asked a lot of questions to me and it seemed that he is already having a bumper package of questions for me,he started with family background and then continued with technical questions related to networking and c++ and data structures and then in the end some general hr type questions(situation reacting type) and In the end he wished me good luck and acknowledged him and left the room, I was feeling quiet good for the interview and was eagerly waiting for the results to be out but for my bad luck due to some problems the result came on 14th feb but the good thing was that I got selected(i think 550 cleared out of 3k or 4k) and now I am a Satyamite…


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