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SATYAM Job Placement Paper



First of all , I will advise all of u if u hv a positive mindset no one can stop u . I hd given near abt 10 written tests n not cleared even once. I did lose heart but finally it was a do or die situation 4 me.I really worked hard upon my weaknesses n thats why i m here. So, if u r also facing the same situation then work out on removing ur weaknesses n success will b urs.
SATYAM selection process hd 3 rounds.
1. Written test based on reasonig n quant aptitude.
2.Group Discussion.
3. HR Interview.

It had 15 problems of 1 mark each . A 0.25 negative marking was there for every wrong answer.Total time given was 30 minutes.So, time management is imp.
Lower cut-off=8;
Upper cut-off=11;
so, better it wud b if u attempt 9 or 10 correct n sure shot answers bcos u hv 2 do the risk management.
Type of questions
1. area of a circle inscribed in a square.
2. probabilty
3.coding -decoding
4. calender problem
5.compound interest n simple interest
6.pyramid( find the no. at the top of the pyramid)
7.a simple programming question. easy bt time consuming
8.a figure problem( 5th one had 2 be predicted after a series of 4 figures, was very easy)
9. 3 english paragraphs, n simple questions based on each like drawing conclusions.
Rest i dont remember, only consideration is time.

We were divided into groups of ten.Our HR asked us to suggest some topics. He was just having a check on our participationin such a simple activity. We suggested many topics ranging 4m marriage to IT industry. The Hr was very cool . Finally he gave his predecided topic " Internet- its uses n misuses".He asked all of us not to argue but to discuss.
Our gd went very friendly. 2 valuable n fresh points n u r cleared. Apart 4m that alwayz ess the group . Dont even dare 2 look towards the HR in any situation.  If u r caught in an aggresive group then motivate them 2 hv an amicable discussion.

In the end, HR asked us 2 conclude . Nearly all of us concluded.

ME: Gud evening, sir.
INTERVIEWER:  Gud evening,have a seat. (I sat).Introduce urself. (looking at my personal information form)
ME: Sir, i m Gagan jayjee pursuing my B,tech 4m .......... in ece. as a person, i m simple n straightforward. At professional level, m a very hard working person.

INTERVIEWER: OK, Gagan. what r ur strengths ?
ME: Sir, m a hard working person.

INTERVIEWER: How can u say that u r a hard worker.(he was lookin at my % ages at that time)
ME: Sir, i got 88% marks in class X n was a school toppper .In my class XII also, i was the school topper securing 90% marks. And throughout my academic career in college, i hv been a bright student   .

INTERVIEWER :thats gud, apart 4m studies hv participated in xtra curricular activities?
ME: yes sir, i hv paricipated in declamation contests n  athletic events.

INTERVIEWER: what r ur weaknesses?
ME: sir, whenever i get involved in sm work then i dont care abt my health n work my every nerve to get the things done in the right order.

INTERVIEWER: Why do u want 2 join satyam?
ME:sir, i hv hd an extensive research abt satyam on net n i hv come 2 know that the philosophy of satyam is that they hv a strong BELIEF IN THEIR EMPLOYEES" .So, tom if i hv an innovative idea , then satyam will definitely encourage 2 convert that idea into a viable market product. It encourages its employees towards enterpreneurship.So, i think its the right platform 4 a fresher like me.

INTERVIEWER: I m impressed, ok, gagan, wat do u want 4m life?wats ur aim in life?
ME: Sir , Today m at this end of the table , after my graduation i want to see myself at your end of the table.

INTERVIEWER: thats very gud, DO u want to ask sm question?
ME:sir, can u plz give me a frank assess ment abt my weaknesses so that i can improve upon that n bcome a good IT professoinal.

INTERVIEWER: well gagan, i think u dont hv any(wid a convincing smile). all d best.
ME: thank u sir, pleasure meeting u

After a week, i got 2 know through my coll TPO that m selected n it was the happiest day of my life. Around 4000 students appeared , 1386 got thru written. 415 cleared gd. interviews r still going on. but 125 hv already been selected.


Gagan Jayjee



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