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SATYAM Job Placement Paper


SATYAM-Placement Paper-4 March 2006-Delhi

There are 15 questions and 30 minutes
the figures are not exact i am giving u the bst as far as its possible
like there are three sets i have got second one

Q1:the average weight of four sectionsA B C D are 43,46,76,87,the average
weight of A+B+C+D is57,average weight of A+B is 43,Average weight ofC+D
is 67,find out the ratio of students of section A and D?

Q2:There is a question on age?

Q3: The the ratio of the salary of ramesh and gautam one year ago is 7:9,
the ratio of their income one year ago to this yearare 4:5and 3:4.The
sum of income of both at present is 14000.find out the income of gautam?

Q4:if today 21st may 2004 is a suday then what day is on 21 may 1994?

Q5:IF one person travelat a speed of 3m/sec then how much he travels in
one hour 40 minutes?

Q 6:There is one ques like we have to add if e=0, some values are given
from which we have to find out the value for O

76547 ?

Q7:There is a question based on figure ?this is common to all sets

Q8:There is a question on some input given to a machine which performs
acc to a pattern described?

Q9:the probability of students appeared for CAT is 4/5 and for MAT is 2/5.
then find out the prob. that student appeared for at least one test

this what i remember i hope this will help you people

I have cleared the written but failed in GD .The topic of my gd was Brain Drain
There was two HR person Very friendly in nature one Female n one Male.
i was fourth to start n time is around 6 minutes.Well There is always nxt time.Hope 4 de bst.



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