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Hi ppl,  I'm Manjunath Krishna from sjc institute of technology. We had pool campus for satyam on 16th april 2007. These are some of the moments which were a part of myself becoming a satyamite.I'm really proud bein a satyamite n all ur experiences added for it!!!!!!!!!!.

Day1:- Around 2000+ people took the test n it was really difficult for them to conduct it rather. So we were scheduled to write the test in the second batch. the paper consists of 15 questions n v have got 30 mins to answer them.

1) some basic program
2)find the missing no  2,5,28,257,3126...
soln:- 1^1+1,2^2 +1,....6^6+1

3) logical reasonin like miss dennis says engg students r lazier compared to others.(easy one)
4)if a beats b by x1 and a beats c by x3 then?
b) x1>x3
d)none of these
ans c

5) problem on blood relationship
6)dhruv can go to his school by bus,subway or by walk. he can either go to regular classes or early classes. before he goes to the college, he likes to have hot chocolate or orange juice. in how many ways can tis be done?
ans 12 (2*3*2)

7) guess the output problem
8) no pyramid
9) logical reasonin(some terrorists...)
10)some clock problem like a clock loses 25% and gains 30% on days if the time is 1:00 now wats the time after some days. the prob is in rs agarwal.
11) some square problem. the ans is 2n^2
12) partnership problem
13) i bought two cameras for 8200. one of em is sold at 10% loss n the other at 15% gain.if done so the price of cameras are the same. find the cost of the cameras.              ans c

guys plz note that u tick the right answer. dont do guessin games cos of negative marking of 0.25 for every wrong answer!!!!!.  u do have an upper cut off. usually the cut off is 7. Answer 8-9 questions confidently, you'll be in.

we finished the test by 1230 n had to wait for the results. The results were out by 4. hopefully my name was in the list. Around 250 students were shortlisted for GD.

Day2:- The shortlisted students were divided into 25 batches(each consisting of ten for Gd).
the topics in the gd were
1) Are women better managers than men.
2) love marriage vs arranged marriage
3) does sania mirza deserve that hype
4) mercy killing
5) terrorism in india
6) should politicians be educated.
7) are men better cooks than women
8) should sehwag play in the team.
9) should dravid be the captain of our team
10) brand name or hard cash( it companies)
11) ragging
12) should cell phones be banned in the coll ?
13)can computers replace teachers.  etc etc....

the topic given to us was love marriage vs arranged. four of them were eagerly waitin to inin the gd. but it turn`d to a fish mArket. i remained silent n note down some valuable points n expressed some strong points. (guys plz dont fight or try to dominate you`ll lose points . Rather giving a chance to ur team mates will add points.). finally i took an opportunity n concluded the gd. experss ur ideas in a better way n be confident in a gd.dont interfere when some body is speakin. u`ll be marked down for it too.
well the results for gd were out n i was the only guy in my batch who was selected. the rest were turned down. plz watch out in a gd. 130 were short listed the personal interview.

I was called to attend the interview at 6 in the evenin after a long wait. i'll share some experiences with u. i knocked the door and went in after 5 secs.

inter:-hi!! how was the day
me:- it was really gr8 maam.(full smiles).
int:-take ur seat
me:- thank u maam.
int:- tell me somethin abotu urself
me:- blah blah...
int:- that was a nice description abt ur self. tell me somethin wat u've not mentioned in ur resume
me:- i have a work exp with firstsource.(it was a bpo where i worked as a part timer).
int :- oh!! tats gr8. tell me abt ur company
me:- blah blah
int:- tell me abt ur experience in the corporate world
me:- it was really great workin wid first source t. takin calls is pretty challengin. understandin the call scenarios gave a great exp n boost my
confidence levels.
int:- y do u aspire to join satyam
me:-" leaders are not found in flock, they r always alone" is an old sayin. but at satyam everyone is a leader. i wa s really empowered by the spirit of thinkin like a CEO etc.etc..
int:- wat do u know abt the company?
me:- full description n was pretty impressive.

I WAS ASKED ABT TECHNICAL STUFF which was really minimal.
some questions ask`d were write a flow chart for binary search, wat r recursive functions, virtual functions, polymorphism, software engg models(as i`m a cs guy). i was able to answer all the question s easily.

Finally, do u have any questions???
me:-dov need to sign a contract/bond as other companies ask for?
int:-s,i`ll ask the aparna(hr) to get back to u on tis issue.
me:- where`ll v be posted to?
int:- anywhere in the world except antartica!!!!!!!!( full smiles)
me:- thank u maam
int:- it was pleasure meetin a person like u
me:- thanks mam, have a pleasent evenin

it was 645 when i checked out my watch The results were out by 8 n my name was in the list. I was relly been proud to be recruited by one of the best employers in India. MY parents n frens were happy when i said "I`m a Satyamite!!! ".

All the best guys. trust me hardwork pays n prepare well for the interviews. As this was my 11 th interview in which i got in. Never ever give up. all the best ppl.

Manjunath Krishna



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