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SATYAM Job Placement Paper


SATYAM-Placement Paper-10 Mar 2006-Hyderabad

I attended for satyam off campus on 10 Th march 2006.
Venue: Wesely PG College. Hyderabad.
Total attended: nearly 8000
Finally Selected: 290
Exam is 15 Questions and 30 minutes duration.
My paper was good. Most of the questions from R.S Agarwal
In my paper 5 to 6 questions on reasoning and remaining Quantitative Aptitude.

1. From time and work like 3 men work equals to 8 women work. And a work is completed in 14 days by 5 men and 8 women .Then how many women are required to complete the same work in 10 days.(numbers are not same )

2. A question like 2 puffs is equal to 4 breads and 3 breads are equal to 6 cakes. Then 8 puffs equal to how many cakes.

3. A question from simple interest. A person took 1, 00,000 amt and interest rate is 10% for 5 years. And he paid the amount in installments in first year 10,000 and in second year 20,000 in 3 rd year 30,000 ,in 4 th year 40,000.Then what is amount he have to pay in 5 th year(ans :50,000)

4.Another question from time and work X can do 1/3 rd of work in 10 days and Y can do half of work in 12 days and Z can do the work in 15 days. If X,Y,Z work together for 3 days after that X,Y leaves then how many days it takes for Z to complete the work.

5. One question from Partner ship I don't remember the question.

Remaining questions I don't remember. And I did exactly 9 questions I think those 9 are correct. There is 0.25 -Ve marking for wrong answer try to avoid guessing. Finally from written 1800 was short listed for GD.
In GD group consists of 10 members. My topic is "CELL PHONES USAGE IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS". In our group 5 guys and 5 girls. 2 people conducted our GD. At beginning they said the rules don't see ours, try to interact with ur team.

First they asked how many of u participated in GD.And then they give chance to select the topic and each member proposed one topic. Finally they give the above topic. First one guy initiated and then I took the chance and rise almost all important points. In our team only one guy talked -ve to the topic. In our team 4 members cleared the GD.
And other teams GD topics are:
1. Public Sectors Vs Private Sectors
2. About Bush visiting India etc

Coming to interview:
In my panel 2 members are 1 Technical person and 1 HR.
First they introduced and then HR asked tell me about urself other than in the resume.
Then Tech person asked about Project and he asked about platform of my project etc.Then he asked interesting area then I said DBMS then he poured a lot of questions in between HR asked What do u know about satyam, and Why Satyam.are u willing to work in Bhuvaneshwar.If ur parents doesn't agree to move from Hyderabad then what will u do. So be confident .They just looking confidence and basic knowledge in subjects. So finally I get through Satyam and my reporting date is 24 Th march.


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