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SATYAM Job Placement Paper


SATYAM-Placement Paper-25 April 2006-Kolkata

I attended Satyam campus at techno india college, kolkata on apr 25,26 2006.

The process has four stages :
1] Aptitude test - 15 questions,30 mins
2] GD - 12/14 member groups
3] Technical Interview &
4] HR

Aptitude [ 5 options for each question]

1] In a certain savings scheme,in the fst 2 yrs the rate of interest is 4%, in the next 4yrs it's 6% & every yr thereafter is 8%.Wht was the total money saved if at the end of 9 yrs total interest is 11200.
2] A problem on number pyramid which was not easy.
3] Complete the series 100,41.25,100, ?,100,73.75. [Ans 57.50]
4] A Train crosses A man standing on a platform which is 240 mtrs long in 13 secs & the platform itself in 25 secs.wht was the speed of the train? [Ans 72 kph]
5] A problem on bar charts..u'll find on RS Agarwal book.
6] logical reasoning question also frm RS Agarwal..Women of wyomong were given voting rights by legislature..why do u think that they were given the rights.
7] A mental ability question..in certain language if % represents 0 & # represents 1 & also the value increses 1 for every right shift [i dont remember the exact language] then how do u represent [5(5(pow)5-4)/5]pow3 ?
two other questions of logical deduction type [tougher]...takes a lot of time..I wouldn't advice to attempt those.

that's all I remember about apti.remember there is 1/4 negative foreach wrong so play safe. I think the cut off was 5..out of 1450+ aspirants they selected 532 for GD. I also made thru.


The GD group is chosen by random..so u'll find ur self among strangers. I'll advise u to familiarise urselves in the 10-15 minuites u get before u enter the room. We made a gentlemans agreement tht everyone will get opprtunity..cause we knew that entire groups were getting rejected because of heated arguments. The result was good..6 among 14 of us got thru from tht group including myself. Don't worry cause 3/4 of those who didn't..were too shy to speak..so almost all who spoke freely & made valid points got thru.
our topic was Should there be reservation in the private sector ?
some other topics were nepal crisis,bush visit,narmada andolan,sholud GD topics be chosen by candidates?,mobile ph. ban on colleges,dresscode at job,reverse brain drain etc.
but ur not given choices..the moderator gives u one.
they selected 219 out of 532 for technicals. I cleared this one also.


For all u MCA students beware..they can & will ask u frm any where in the course. they give u a form to fill up,but dont ask specify fav subjects. The man I had, started by asking me to tell about myself, my hobbies.
Then he went to software engg. - waterfall model, prototyping, the difference between them,CMM,six sigma.
DBMS - what is RDBMS,diff between dbms & rdbms,exmple of rdbms, normalisation.
data structures - sorting techniques,linked lists.
networking - he asked me about it & I said I knew the basics but it would be a little difficult to go beyond..so he did't ask any.
unix - I said the same thing.
In between he asked me why do u want to join satyam. He also asked as to what type of project I would like to do & why.
C & C++: wht is the difference between the two. What happens after C++ code is compiled, its extention, format. Question on files,streams.

just be confident & don't try to hide when u don't know.


It wasn't tough..general chat u & urself, hobbies they even asked about Rang de basanti..they are very friendly.
They finally selected 133 candidates.I didn't figure in the final list...but may be the next time will be mine.
prepare well & u surely can crack it.

(Submitted by:Basu)


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