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SATYAM Job Placement Paper


SATYAM-Placement Paper-May 2005-Coimbatore

Totally 15 aptitude questions. 30 minutes given.

1. time and distance ( 2 bullets fired in 38 minutes gap. It was traveling in 330 m/s. vyoms.com
A man traveling in a car heard the sound in 36 minutes delay. What is the speed of the car?

2. letter encoding (ex: XYZ -> ABC then PQR -> ? , like this(but easy))

3. Given some number as input and they given 5 set of output strings. For a new set of input strings we have to find the output.

4. clock problem

5. Reasoning (relation between statements)

6. Reasoning (relation between statements)

7. compound interest.

8. pyramid problem.

9. finding the average salary

10. Encoding binary system.

11. Figure problem. Three figures given. Find the fourth one.

Remaining I am not remembering.

GD topics were

Are women better managers than men?
Reservation in education?
Physical education must included in the curriculum ?
Connecting the rivers in India?


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