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SATYAM Job Placement Paper


Hi Friends!
I am Saurabh Sundriyal, B.Tech IIIyr (E.C.E), Graphic Era Institute of Technology, Dehradun. I appeared for the Satyam Tech. Recruitment exam on 28-APR-07.

There were 3 rounds- Apti, GD, Intrvw.
Total students appeared were 573. Around 200 cleared apti round.

There were 15 Ques. in 30 minutes. There was also a neative marking of 25%.
So Friends, BEWARE, EFFICIENCY matters in Satyam. I attempted only 8 Questions and I am sure all were correct. People make mistakes by solving 11+ questions with 3-4 of  them incorrect. Your efficiency should be good. Even if you attempt 50%  of questions, Be sure about them.

Some of the questions are given below:-
1) The radius of a circle was increased in length by some value. If the increase in circumference is 44 cm, the change in radius is
 a)5 b)7 c)3 d)8 e) None of these               ANS= b) 7

2) If it takes 'h' hours to mow a lawn. Then what part of lawn is mowed in 1 hour?
  a)1-h  b)1+h  c)1/h  d) h/(1+h)  e)None of these           ANS= c) 1/h

3) If 10 oct 2004 was saturday. Then which day will be on 10 oct 1986........

4) For a given set of numbers as 32, 45, 57, 142, 180, A machine gives following outputs after each step as shown below:
    Step 1  33,47,60,146,185
    step 2  33,185,60,146,47
    step 3  34,185,63,146,52
    step 4  52,34,63,146,185
    step 5  185,146,63,34,52
If you are given a set of numbers as 7,5,3,9,13, What is the output of machine after step 5 ?
a)  b)  c)  d)  e)none of these                ANS= e) None of these

5) & 6)  Two of these questions were simple english questions based on a small passage  individually.

7)Mark the wrong output of following program :-
   10  R=2
   20  R=R*2
   30  E=R*R
   40  K=E+2
   50  PRINT K
   60  IF R<16
   70  GOTO 20
   80  END
  a)18 b)64  c)258  d)  e)None of these     ANS= b) 64

8) A shopkeeper allows a discount of 25% on market price of an item and sells it for Rs 600 and still gains 20%. Find Original price of the item.   (Something like this....)

9) The difference between SI & CI on  a certain sum of money for 2 yrs at 2 % per annum is Re. 1. The sum is-
   a)625 b)670 c)640  d)650                       ANS= a) 625.

10) 6 persons out of which 2 are brothers are to be seated in a circular table. How many possible arrangewments would be made such that both of these brothers dont sit together?
   a) 21C2  b)21C2-19C2........(forgot options,  Sorry.......)

11) A pyramid-series based question. (Sorry friends! I dont remember it!)

12) Question based on visual ability test. Four figures were there, judge the 5th figure from given options.

13) Given a Quadratic Eqn. aX2 + bX + C =0.  (a=0)
   The total no. of roots of given eqn can be found by-
   a)Using the given condition only
   b)Using both statements I & II
   c)Using either statement but not the other
   ANS= a) Using the given cond. only.

14) A,C,F,J,O,?
  a)V b)U  c)S  d)T e)None of these.                   ANS= b) U.


Friends! SATYAM's focus is in GD Rounds. You must be fluent in English with adages and examples on tips to suppport your views. Some of the topics of GD are:-
 1 Should Dress Code be there in Engg. colleges or not?
 2 Black
 3 Should Cell phones be banned inside college campus or not?
 4 Is 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' a money game or a knowledge based show?
 5 IT Rvolution in INDIA.

There were groups of 10 each with GD time duration of 10 minutes. Some topics were asked by students to be suggested.

Before interviews, they asked to fill a form in which certain questions were asked to be answered, given as below :-
  Q) Why SATYAM should hire you?  (4 lines)
  Q) Where do you see yourself after 5 years? (4 lines)
  Q) What makes you aspire for satyam? (4 lines)

Some other details were also to be mentioned there. They dont ask for CV. Only this form is important. But keep one with yourself.
In interviews they checked General awareness (Like IT..). CS and IT students were asked technical questions. For non-IT engineers, they asked that how they can help their company and few technical questions? Also they asked HR questions.

They told that they choose about 10% of total appeared students in pool campus. Finally 57 candidates were selected out of which 34 were from our college.
CHEERS to GEITians....

ALL THE BEST for SATYAM aspirants......
 "Never Ever Give Up in Life !"  




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