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SATYAM Job Placement Paper


SATYAM-Placement Paper-July 2006

(1)Written Test:- As all of u know SATYAM's pattern consists of 15 ques where u will be scoring 1 mark for correct answer and 25% deduction for every wrong answer.
Note:-I wud like to say u that attempt only the ques u know pretty well. PLZ make sure that guessing or answering all the ques u may be disqualified. B4 going to take the test make sure u r thorow with all the previous papers bcoz then u can get 4 to 5 repeted. Also attending 6 to 7 ques is more than enough.

(2)Group Discussion:- This is what all call as the toughest part of SATYAM's recruitment process. But never feel so bcoz if u can contribute some 2 to 3 points its enough.
Note:- For to be sucessful in GD u shud follow certain rules such as
1.Body posture.
2.Eye contact
3.Never and ever look at the observer this will make a negative impact abt u in the observers mind.
4.Stick to the way u started the topic and go only in 1 way. Never talk on both sides of the topic.
5.Never question any in person r never say like u r wrong and never talk to in person talk to the whole group.
6.Initialisation is a plus point but it doent mean that if u initialise u will be selected. Make the topic 4rm u if u r well versed r talk at no 3 r 4 positions. There is no difference in any of the positions actually.
7.Dont over act by saying too many time like lets give us a chance to our frnds.
8.Its always better to be frank like if u r not well versed with the topic u can start as --- well frnds i am not that knowledgeble at this present topic but from our discussion i understand that --------. Its just ur wish r u can make on ur own.
I started ay no 5 position and the topic given to our group was Impact of films on youth. One person took the initialisation but he was not able to make the sentence complete and from there started the topic diversion and every thing went wrong and at last i thot that if our discussion goes in such a way then there is a chance that the whole group can be disqualified so that i dragged the discussion on the topic.

(3)INTERVIEW:- In SATYAM both the tech & HR interview are combined so that if u r good at HR ques then u can get into. The HR asked me the 1st ques that How is our recruitment process n i thot the he asked how r u n i said 5n thank u sir. Then he was surprised by the answer i left. He stressed its 2 hard day na? Then i understood and 4rm then onwards it was just a formal interview both the HR's were very cool it was just like talking with my frnds n i didnt felt as i was in the Final round. There only they asked r u ready to make a bond n i said if u ask for 3 years also i am ready. They will ask finally r u having any ques Never say that u r not having any. Bcoz this will make u a very bad impression on u.



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