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SATYAM Job Placement Paper



hello friends
i dont remember much about written but according to the usual pattern as what we know 1/2 question would come on english but dere were 4 questions on english out of 15 questions .dere were small passages of 4/5 lines and d question what do u interpret .n d optiond were really close to each other so take care

in satyam dere is upper n lower cutoff so attempt only 9/10 question which are correct

next phase was GD d  most important eleimination round out of 4500 approx  appeared in written only 600 got through
then dis 600 appeared in gd next day .plz friends be in formals only

a group of 10 people were made to speak for 10 min

my topic was" role of media in shaping public opinion" i initiated frndz plz try to initiate as dey hav different points of initiazation
n dont look towards d moderator he warned us in d begining only inspite of dat one of r grp member looked n he was not selected
after few minutes it became a fish market dey stopped us .try  not to make fish market . den our individual point of view were asked
n dey told us to leave

r Gd was only for not more than 5 min be confident n loud n speak to the point in Gd only 181 were selected out of 600

my hr manager was really a cool man be thorugh wid ur name meaning i hv a different name so he asked a lot of things related to my name
den asked my favourite subject as i m a electronics students i told him electronics den he asked wat in electronics i told him semiconductors trnsistors 
he asked basic function of transistor
n den he asked me to explained transistor considering him as a 4 yr old child i explained in detailed
den asked ne other fav subject i told him data structure 
den he asked fav subject in school i told maths
he asked me to give a law studied in school time in maths which we used even today in curriculam n in practicall too
i gave d answer he said"FANTASTIC" i was very happy
den he asked dat  i hv ne question to ask i asked him he gave d answer in detail

then he said all d best n i  left
d result was out at 11 pm we were waiting n only 90 were selected out  of 181 n i was one of dem
frndz hv patience n hv faith in GOD 

All d best
Chhanda Mandal



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